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/ to part 3 of Avatar Primitvism - a series of texts where we explore the potential for developing post-collapse, or post civilisation breakaway clans - comprising of clades, tribes and communities which would live outside of what Jose Argüelles called The Technosphere.

That is - outside of technomodernity, where we hope to make better use of technology rather than let it subjugate and control us “like domesticated house pets” to paraphrase Elon Musk, or manage us like Bio Stock (Sethix).

If you remember from part 2, I briefly brought in some of the concepts which Argüelles explores in his book; Time and the Technsosphere

The Technosphere is similar to what Benjamin Bratton calls The Stack ~ An artificial megastructure, or stack architecture of advanced techno-modernity.

The difference between Argüelles and Bratton’s theses is that Argüelles belived that the technosphere / stack should be dismantled so that humans could live in peace and harmony (with a new 13:20 Calendar system) inside a new paradigm;-

Bratton, on the other hand appears to support the idea that the technosphere must be accelerated towards a form of algorithmic governance, increased technocratic control, BioSecurity and some kind of, probably socialist (fascist) communism — which many believe is a New World Order; A mix of communism, fascism and post-capitalism - that aligns with the goals of powerful elites and globalists.

Needless to say that we side with Argüelles thesis and we reject Bratton’s. We intend to bring about the dismantling, the total destruction and overcoming of the technosphere — the danger that institutionalised intellectuals and academics will increasingly argue on the side of The Technosphere, The Matrix Control System / or New World Order is now apparent;

We must peacefully and respectfully oppose these doctrines of control and fascism,

[It is worth noting that facism is rule by fear - which is what the New World System is doing with us]

and imagine for ourselves something radically different, which I define as Post-Civilisation Breakaway Clades; referring to a New Humanity that has split off from civilisation and differentiated, specieated even! Rather than homogenised into a single collective stock:

“Humanity will split, not into different classes, but into different species”

- according to Yuval Harari ( > ) (who has also stated that we can be hacked), his hypothesis is shared with Hugo Di Garis (covered in part 1) who has speculated that technological change will cause speciation to occur sometime this century, along with Ray Kurzweil, who believes that humans will be hybrids by 2030 ( > ).

In Avatar Primitvism, various differentiated post-human*

  • I do not necessarily mean synthetically “enhanced”, since we don’t yet know the consequences of cyborgism. I mean spiritually evolved, both biologically and consciously due to a totally new environment, outside of the technosphere.

clades and tribes would be comprised of different races and different species (covered in part 2) and have various versions of hierarchical or egalitarian social structures which are freely agreed upon and entered in and out of.

I argue that it is now time for us to break away from the elites and their systems of control, their institutions and their false narratives, so that we might imagine alternatives to the technosphere, to the stack and to algorithmic, technocratic tyranny - we desire to form new societies outside of the system.

Argüelles died in 2011 - the year before the infamous 2012 date, which he believed was a year that would bring the great schism and a total planatary transformation prophesied by The Mayans.

I believe that the 2012 date is as important in 2021 as ever; we crossed a threshold and are now in a new world — it’s just that a large majority of the planet has not woken up to it yet, because they are still in old paradigm (operating inside Artifical Time, according to Argüelles / or Garbage Time, according to Land).

The Great Change is already here, and if we open our eyes we will see that the New Dawn is upon us; it is down to solar and cosmic events, great cycles and galatic timeshifts - not The Great Reset, an engineered pandemic, a fake global warming Agenda (21), or a depopulation agenda (Georgia Guide Stones) -

These are products of human hubris, Godless materialism, profane scientism and subservience to adversarial technology, catalysed by the desire for power, control and reliance on the state over the higher spiritual principles of the individual.

Until people begin to open their eyes and see that the global state does not care one iota about “keeping everyone safe” or “following the science” - and in-fact wants us dead, or kept in a pacified and docile entertainment mode, ignorant, alienated, isolated and alone, looked after by robots until we are disposed of;-

Kept sick, unhealthy and disease ridden so that a pharmaceutical industrial complex can sell us apparent “cures”, take away our property, privacy, freedoms and individuality, destroy the family, eradicate spirituality and enslave us to automation, biometrics and dangerous vaccination programs, hack us, control our thought and behaviours with AI (just wait for mixed reality retinal implants), whilst we are tempted and tricked towards the machinic ideologies of transhumanism and cyborgianism, characterised by a negation of the differentiated biological man (who supplies the seed of life) and woman (who gives birth to life) created in Gods own image;—

We will be sleepwalking into the total eradication of our species, only to be replaced by transgenic biosynthetic hybrids - which will cause souls to depart the Earth realm, harvested by extraterrestrials and forced into the lower densities.

If you don’t want this to happen, and if you want an alternative to a totalitarian world state and a hybrid occult depopulation agenda -

Welcome To Avatar Primtivism.

Let’s look closer at some of Argüelles concepts in Time and the Technosphere, as they are useful for thinking about how we might develop Avatar PRIM :-

“First of all, as the necessary prelude to galactic culture, the absolute synchronisation of the human in geocosmic time, the technosphere will be dismantled.

Reorganised by the Law of Time into psychic biomes, the dismantling will naturally phase into the genuine creation of the new culture of solar-galactic consciousness.

"Path beyond technology” means path of telepathic harmony. With its goals absolutely reoriented following the mental pole shift of the calendar change, the hierarchy of human values will also undergo a profound reordering.

What if money were no longer the first consideration in human affairs? What if the consideration were instead how artful or artistic that action or event might be?

What if the diaspora of humanity through industrialization and mass transport came to an end and the humans chose to live in smaller communities organized by gardening and Earth-related activities, inclusive of the transformative dismanthing of the technosphere and the regeneration of the biospheric medium?

What if the study of time replaced the study of physics as the dominant mode for determining the nature of reality ? And what if, due to the time shift, spiritual awakening swept through the human race so that a moral orientation of values was organized around the preservation of the biosphere”

Now when we think of a unified humanity where we “own nothing and are happy” - the eradication of money, and of property, with an emphasis on how artful one might be - we might very well think of The Great Reset, where modes of exchange such as social credit systems operate inside a technocratic architecture which insures that we are conforming, subservient and aligned with its goals of accelerated domestication, “living peacefully”, “kept safe”, “expressing ourselves” and quite “happy” about that.

And when we consider this prospect, we might be reminded of how New Age Spirituality has, in the past, often been critised for aligning with the goals of capitalism, globalism and elites, however I’m pretty sure this is not what Argüelles had in mind. It is worth bringing up, however becuase Argüelles talks about nation-states dissolving into bioregions; which sounds a lot like The Venus Project, Agenda21, or the Hunter Games…

A “unified humanity” might very well mean a Brave New World, A hive collectivism that smothers and liquifies us into spiritless slime, where we are kept out of harms way and under total algorithmic control; genetically altered, wearing masks, with health passports, guided by incentivised haptic behavioural modification, under mass surveillance and mass media mind control, fermenting inside post-capitalist collectivised fully-automated urban hives, whilst the biosphere is bought up by billionaires and eventually rewilded and regenerated.

Which is what we already have, right now.

Or at least this appears to be the general trajectory in the developed and developing worlds, both East and West, with violent resistance appearing in the form of Jihadism and Islamic terrorism in the Middle East, from The Reactionary and Nationalist Right in the West, and from the Milk Tea Alliance in East Asia —

All of which could be thought of as somewhat of a resistence against advanced, materialist techno-modernisation.

The New Age Movement however, is somewhat different; it’s not so black and white. Yet as techno-modernity and the “progressive left” increasingly negates spiritual and perennial perspectives, a consequence is that New Age beliefs, aesthetics and memes begin to intersect and vex sides with such things as Neoreaction, Neo-Tradition, Neo-Paganism, Trumpism, Kekism, Kali Yuga Accelerationism, Qanon and The Esoteric/Occultic Right.

The reality is that the precariat, atheistic, cosmopolitan, “liberal” and “progressive”, “creative” class or Petite bourgeoisie has been trained and conditioned to be ignorant, subservient, hustling and tolerating inside a post-2008, profane, “liberalised” ultramodern arrangement of vapid precariat metamodernism, so that it doesn’t become radicalised, seek alternatives or push the overton window into new territory - in this way, progressives have been conditioned to demand and align with the goals of the new wold system (Extinction Rebellion, Wokeism, demanding more state controls, censorship and limits to freedom etc.)

When I started to understand this, I decided to exit that world (I no longer felt welcome there anyway).

Unlike Argüelles, who actually described the creation of a one world government after 2013, which he called a “biospheric assembly”, and for the reasons stated by Harari and Di Garis (species splitting / hacked by technology), I do not believe that a unified humanity is compatible with freedom;

I believe in a multi-dimensional spectrum of extended humanoid morphology, an extended humanity, breakaway groups, bifurcation, cladogensis, differentiation, cosmists, terrans, a priestly class, clans, tribes, avatar bodies etc. Spiritual races, various plural societial arrangements that suit those who operate inside, and outside of global civilisation, or post-civilisation.

I do however, believe that insuring peaceful and respectful interaction’s between an extended humanity is the only way forward -

If we break away from civilisation, allowing people to live in peace and harmony outside of the system, we must avert global conflict - whilst resisting digital dictatorships, tryanny, authoritarianism, censorship and totalitarianism;

After collapse of the technosphere, a peaceful treaty of extended humanity, a plural humanity, a post-humanity; living as differentiated groups, where trade and exchange can occur without conflict, under a new unified calendar system, as part of a wider galactic culture ( > ), might very well be possible.

When I began this thesis I thought that we may have to use some kind of advanced, almost godlike AI to achieve this equilibrium (after all, Kurzwiel predicts that nanobots will be entering our brains by 2030!)

-  however, now I am not so sure; at the moment, there seems to be an almost demonic or serpentine quality to synthetic intelligence -

And so I now believe that the change must come from within, from the individual - then it must spread through the noosphere, which will interact with the planatary biosphere, and only after a mass transformation in planatary consciousness, can we figure out how to make best use of the new technology.

This requires a mass awakening, which must happen individually, and it must happen in darkness - outside of the media systems and the institutions.

( > )

In a previous post I have mentioned that I am personally going through a kundalini awakening; I have been experiencing new sensations in my body, an intense tingling in my 3rd eye and crown chakras and all around my head, temples and face, in my neck, strange pains in my spine, bliss, an inner sense of vitality and my noticing of pre-causal, pre-cognitive, inner-sight…


I now intend to move towards the development of evolved intuition, telepathic awareness and extra sensory perception in my organism, energetic healing, changes in consciousness and the transforming/unraveling of my ego, through worshiping of the sun and my following of the cycles of the moon, my desire to spend much of my days in prayer; coinciding with total rejection of the media virus, institutions, vaccination agendas and the BioSecuity state;- has led me to believe that we really are undergoing a mass awakening into cosmic consciousness.

I know that others are experiencing their own awakenings; and parallel transformations will begin to increase globally - we are witness to great changes occurring at this remarkable moment, a galactic event of cyclic planatary evolution.

In The Yoga of Power; Tantra, Shakti and The Secret Way Evola says;

“Life is seen as a fire that consumes ignorance”


It is this inner fire, the creative force, the Holy Ghost, the life-forces of movement, creativity, catharsis - light, life and love, emotion, individuality, differentiation over the collective, which will act as our individual and collective inoculation against the global tyranny of BioSecurity;

- the awakenings will help us to take charge of ourselves and reach a new threshold of awareness characterised by increased responsibility for ourselves, for our actions and through a deeper understanding and respect for others.

The New World War will be, in-fact is already being fought on the spiritual / astral plane — I believe we are now at a juncture where we must choose a side, so that we might pave a way into a new paradigm of planatary transformation.

The side I am proposing that we find ourselves on is the side of peace and love and resistance to Biosecurity, authoritarianism and technospheric tyranny.

The Left/Right binary is old, outmoded politics, it no longer matters - yet we must resit authoritarianism.

We will not submit to algorithmic control and the machinic subjugation of our species;

We will not be used as guinea pigs.

We will not let the state bully and manipulate the minds of our children.

We, the people, will not be coerced into taking experimental vaccinations, for fear of losing our jobs, or forced to wear masks, which do nothing other than destroy our spirit and our soul connection to others, we will not submit to health passports, lockdowns and technocratic control; we will not

*follow the science*

We will not be treated and managed like animal stock.

We will NOT be Tracked, or Traced;

By rejecting the New World Order we must do it respectfully and peacefully by spiritual resistance - and total non compliance

The future will take care of itself.

Consciousness is unraveling

/ That’s all for now.

In the next part I will focus on technology and how we might use it in the future - through symbiosis and mutual respect, to ensure our spiritual and creative growth and the preservation and future of our species.