A real quick guide to accelerated awakening.

Drugs lol 😂 

Well, kind of, they can certainly be a catalyst...

This isn’t actually a guide at all becuase I know next to nothing about reiki or yoga practice + I’m new to prayer and mediation. I do not believe that there is any particular method or path to awakening. It’s going to be different for everyone.

During these unprecedented times many people are experiencing profound changes in their lives and in their consciousness; synchronicities, precausal occurrences, visions, faith.

And many of us are going through a waking up process, so I thought it would be useful to write an account of mine.

This summer I went through what I believe was a reiki tummo shaktipat (actually I’m still going through this as I write) - That’s a kind of kundalini awakening, which I experienced as a long process leading up to an energetic climax.

I came to this conclusion after searching the Internet, to try to understand what was going on with me and well, that’s the conclusion I reached; so I’l try to give the best possible account of how I entered this state.

— I consider it to be an accelerated awakening becuase I believe people who are not disciplined yogis can reach it with drugs, electronic music, dance, rythem, cybertime dilation and deplugging from the Matrix i.e; no longer swallowing the bullshit.

Bare in mind that if you start waking up, that’s the heresy. The Human Security System doesn’t want you to wake up, so you will alienate yourself and some people will stop talking to you - you’re an enemy of the BioSecuity Matrix now I’m afraid, Sethix has determined that you are bad stock, your a biohazard - better if you were disposed of.

I will structure this guide with some foundations that, I believe, have set the precedents for kundalini fire to rise up inside me, until transmigatory soul energy started to burst out of my crown chakra;

(I can feel it right now - it’s like an intense pressure: much more than a tingling in my crown, and in my third eye (forehead), in my temples and a subtle, strange feeling in my throat + fire burning up in my guts (sakral).

These foundations are emotions (catharsis), movement, and creativity = transformation - which then leads to a transmigration of the soul, which is experienced as a rebirth.

Emotions (catharsis).

I’m really emo, I love emo, I’ve always been into it. All music is emotional, and emo-rap/trap blew up pretty big over the last few years; so it’s not like emotional hardcore is the only emotional genre, and it’s not like you have to be emo to awaken, I’m just saying, I think it helped me.

I was into skate punk to begin with when I was 14/15 — like Pennywise (not considered emo, but albums such as full circle and s/t are super powerful and they had a really hopeful message);- I still remember listening to full circle on my headphones at 14 years old whilst on holiday in France and being taken somewhere else (this might have been one of my first cathartic/spiritual experiences).

Then, later on, whilst in college I was introduced to post hardcore; Thursday, Glassjaw, At The Drive In, Underoath, Funeral For A Friend...

I still find that early 00’s screamo sound to be incredibly energetically intense. It helped me channel and release emotions in ways that I believe older generations never really experienced ~ OK, we are all bias about the music that we grew up with, but if you think about it, throughout the 90’s, during the lead up to the mellenium, music loosened up and became much more energetic. I think that so many sounds and genres climaxed and began to burst into a state of cathartic intensity around y2K - I’m also thinking of Splitknot and KoЯn.

I still listen to a lot of post hardcore, 90s rave / and IDM - and over the last year I’ve spent so much time on my own in my flat smoking weed, getting really fucking high dancing and entering into mystical trance-like states — and then writing and making art.

This part is about emotions so we will dicuss the role emotions have in awakening — we are all emotional creatures but I believe that modern society and mass culture continuously seeks to suppress, negate and dumb down our emotions through entertainment, distraction and medications. 

Emotions charge DNA - reaching intense emotional states has a role to play in cosmic evolution, that is;- in the evolution and transformation of consciousness. Emotions enable the soul to move into higher states of experience — As it is, in our modern world we are taught to fear death, largely becuase we have no preparation for it (psychedelics can help with that) we are also taught to fear and suppress our emotions — and music can help with that.

The other thing that helped me is by going through a succession of heartbreaks, rejections and a series of relationships which were often very difficult, to be honest with you;

I have had a lot of relationships and I’ve experienced more heartbreak than most of my friends - the ones that know me the best tell me that they don’t know how I coped with it all.  

I still wonder what is wrong with me because I can’t seem to make a relationship last or find the right person and now I’m on my own, and have been for the last two years. That time on my own enabled me to change and heal in ways I never could have achieved when I was (usually anxiously) attached.

I feel like I have been through hell and back and I’ve had panic attacks, Iv been incredibly anxious and I’ve had suicidal ideation. Yet I’ve also felt intense love and connection to people that I have shared time and intamacy with - I’d long suffered from an anxious/preoccupied attachment style and I’d previously been in therapy to try and deal with this - in the end, though, spending time on my own, and with psychedelics, worked the best. 

It’s an obvious statement to make but letting go, and letting go of attachment is really the way to do it. For someone who has had life long attachment issues, that’s been a very long and challenging journey.

I know that listening to emo, experiencing a succession of heartbreaks and having a history of panics attacks and attachment anxiety sounds like petty first world problems in comparison to the emotions that people have to go through when they lose husband’s or wife’s and children in places like war-torn Syria, or are rejected by their parents and end up on the streets at 16 - I can’t speak on that kind of suffering or those kind of emotional states... 

I’ve been incredibly lucky - but my point is that we all need to experience an intense spectrum of hightened emotional thresholds if we want to awaken and transform — one must put ones-self in a position to feel, and to bleed (metaphorically)



Movement is really important, but I’m going to focus here on a specific kind of movement - 

These are the movements that smoking weed taught me. I didn’t smoke a lot of weed when I was younger; I started smoking it about three years ago. Then over the course of the last year I began smoking it daily on my own and through lockdown - this is where I really began to form a spiritual relationship with the plant, which I find to be intelligent - it’s a teacher. 

I also stopped drinking alcohol, I lost a lot of weight and that brought down inflammation that was causing me some health problems - so I really recommend this; it’s near impossible to wake up if you are always out drinking and socialising.

Modern strains of weed are pretty damn strong — it’s psychotropic, it enables visions and movements that radically alters time perception to the degree that one feels like consciousness is actually accelerating within a state of time dilation - this also occurs as one interacts with The Technosphere.

I have been getting high and dancing a lot, on my own - it took some time until I noticed that after some prolonged periods of weed smoking, and after I’d initially been through a process where I would see visions of fractal-like structures, I then became cosmically introspective, yet also paranoid (thinking my computer had reached self awareness and that extraterrestrial AI was using it to guide and interact with me).

Then, through a process of ego dissolution, where I felt like I was a total looser, after a while - when my ego finally built up into a new character and the self reflecting aspects of the highs began subsiding;- I started to process thoughts via rapid hand, arm and finger movements, which I spontaneously started doing, and which seemed to have the effect of accelerating cognitive computations inside my head — synaptic cartographies began integrating and re-mapping themselves, forming emergent connective pathways between the hemispheres. At least that’s how it felt, even when I was not listening to or moving to music.

I began to twist and turn and channel energy and then I’d push it out of my solar plex —

  • I also walk a lot. I get high, then I will go for a long walk and I’ll be rapidly twisting and turning and flicking my hands about as I process thoughts. Moving my arms in and out to create helixical, staccato pulsations, twisting and turning and moving rapidly as I go, whilst making quick-fire ripple movements with my fingers (yeah I look like a crazy person walking around the streets, but whatever )

I then started combining these movements with dance — listening to a lot of early Autechre, Squarepusher and Orbitol, and the esoteric Canadian rapper Noah23 ( Who is a huge inspiration of mine; I really recommend his albums Quicksand, Mitochondrial Blues, Sigma Octantis and Jupiter Sagittarius)

Whilst moving in this new way, (I have developed my own movements, but I would suggest that you make up your own which are unique to you) whilst dancing and rapid processing of thoughts - I would then come to realisations, where I felt like I was catapulted into new thresholds of awareness, and then my heart would jump, becuase I was getting really really high, too high - and then I’d write those realisations down.

Other than smoking big gas I’ve been doing a lot of other stuff over the last five or so years, and I’ve been taking 1cp LSD regularly over the course of this summer. Before that I was also taking psilocybin mushrooms regularly and MDMA and pills when I’d go out at night. I think that the shrooms were responsible for re-wiring my brain, getting rid of depression, increasing openess in my personality (this can cause problems, however) and I think they helped me find God.

I also experimented with DMT a little bit (though I don’t have a lot of experience with this drug) 

And Ket, which I actually believe woke up my chakra system becuase after some days of taking Ket and Acid together in Turkey last summer, I felt a profound transformation in my mind and body - at the time I thought of it like a pole that had structured itself up from my arse to my neck — holding me upright. I now realise that this was actually my chakra system activating and lining up, beucase I think it was previously dormant.

That was last summer — and now I have just come back from a week in North Devon where I have taken a break from weed and Acid and I’ve been in the forest mediating every day. I’ve also been Sun Gazing, and I think that the combination of these practices (all of the photons of light energy from the 🌞) finally caused the kundalini to rise up in me until I entered into the shaktipat state.

I can feel it right now, actually - really intensely - like a powerful pressure on my crown which has been getting stronger and stronger, and also in my third eye; 

it’s more than a tingling — it’s almost too much; to the degree that I actually started to worry; 

I was in the Kebab shop earlier (yes very enlightening) and the sensation was so strong that I thought, maybe It’s some kind of brain swelling — but I don’t think it is, my point is that to begin with I had to stop meditating becuase this would get too much - and now I don’t even need to meditate, I can feel it whilst waiting for a kebab. 

These sensations began some time ago with a subtle tingling in the centre of my forehead (third eye; pineal) especially during meditation, then I started to feel the tingling all around my head and at other times of the day — during blissful meditive states and whilst doing the movements - then recently it started in my crown and that turned into very powerful energetic pressures on my forehead and crown, coupled with blissful states of relaxation and awareness.

I will add that before this occurred - I had an intense desire to spend most of my days in prayer 🙏 and I could feel a powerful energy when I put my hands together.

Some weeks back I did 1cp and I thought that I was Jesus, I don’t mean this in an egotistical sense - I think that I was manifesting the trifold, Trinitarian Christ Consciousness which lays dormant in all of us.

Then a week or so later I did a high dose of the 1cp and I smoked too much of some new strain of weed I’d just bought, on top of the acid, had a panic attack, nearly blacked out and had a vision of energy shooting out from within the Earth in Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge.

Please be carful with drugs.

/ & don’t drink the tap water .


I was meant to write about the role of creativity too, but right now I can’t think, and I’m getting tired. Creative practice is important (because it enables neuroplasticity - it can be deeply visionary and spiritual) but so is helping others. 

Over the course of this last year I started helping homeless people out a lot more than I ever did before. I stop and I speak to people on the street and I try to help them out where I can — it’s funny beucase during a time where I’m going through an awakening and becoming a much kinder and more considerate person than I ever used to be, many people now think I’m some kind of monster and won’t speak to me becuase of my politics.

It just goes to show. It’s how I know that I believe in my philosophy and the words of which I am now speaking and writing. The system is satanic; The Pentagon In Washington, USA is literally a satanic symbol (!) - The New World System is evil. We must resist it. Don’t take the vax ! Don’t wear the stupid masks !! 😷 ❌

Daniel Pinchbeck asked “what happened to Art?” I’m afraid that much Art today is more obsessed with where it is being shown or platformed, with institutions, credibility, trends, fitting in and being accepted. It is more concerned with fear of rejection and cancellation and peer exclusion - and many artists have become preoccupied with careers, status, credentials, NFT’s, objectness, and with commodity and materialism than the radical imagination.

There is little desire to create a new kind of spiritual, visionary Art.

We can change that - ! WE HAVE TO BE PREPARED TO DIE! For what we believe in -We have to stop giving a fuck, but we also have to care more than ever. It’s time.


U can wake up ;)