The Vaccination Agenda - genetic modification, modernism, hybridisation and the New World System

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“When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear. Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into an illuminated faith, and fear into love.” - Manly P. Hall

The decision of whether to vaccinate or not should be down to the individual, parent or guardian — it is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that one is forced to make over the course of their lives

Yet, unlike pro-choice - which is generally considered a given and a liberty in the progressive, liberalised west, for some reason, vaccination choice is not treated with the same dignity and liberality by progressives.

The real reasons for this are complex but the reason that is often cited is that everyone should get vaccinated to protect the masses and the collective - that everyone must do their bit so that we can hopefully stamp out the virus.

It doesn’t make any sense because if vaccines actually work, then anyone who is worried about getting ill would have the choice to get the jab and therefore not get ill — thus they wouldn’t need to worry about those who decide to leave it up to their bodies natural defences and risk illness.

The idea that everyone should get vaccinated to create “herd immunity” is a total lie, diseases become virulent in certain demographics, populations, locations and at various historical periods and then they disappear.

Vaccines might stop you from getting ill (not always) but they can do little to actually eradicate the disease itself. The idea that you could vaccinate an entire population from a disease that also spreads to animals and is present in the natural environment is totally inaccurate. 

If a disease disappears or goes extinct it is touted as a triumph of the vaccine, without any proof that the vaccine actually caused it to go extinct and if a disease reappears in a population it is supposedly because not enough people have been vaccinated. 

But this is all lies and propaganda to further the vaccination efforts

It doesn’t work that way — you won’t eradicate it, in fact, you’ll likely cause the disease to mutate and evolve quicker by creating new selection pressures and weakening immune systems, and then you can keep making more vaccines to combat new strains.

For this reason, there is undoubtedly a vaccination agenda, and the reason why “progressives” are so pro-vaccination is that the media systems basically train them to think that way by hacking their empathic reasoning, demonising and vilifying people who are vaccine critical, coercing vaccine-hesitant people, and censoring people who expose vaccine damage and vaccine dangers 

On top of all of this, vaccination is treated with a kind of religious devotion.

The Vaccination Agenda might be considered as purely economic - Vaccination programs make a lot of money, doctors are given bonuses if they manage to persuade people to get vaccinated and dating apps now discriminate against the unvaccinated.

There is certainly an economic component to the agenda and the intentions of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are clearly not just philanthropy, there is much more to it than that...

I do not believe it is purely economic - money is connected to wealth and wealth is connected to power and power ends up in the hands of small groups of people who have agendas that are different from yours or mine.

But let’s bring it back down to Earth for a moment and ask what is the vaccine agenda, at ground level? 

Let’s suppose that it really is altruistic, to try and prevent people from getting ill. That would be the anti-conspiracy, so let’s assume that it’s true that vaccinations are to protect people from getting sick.

There are already all kinds of problems with this trajectory, and it is very much a trajectory rather than a destination, it’s certainly not fixed because you have to ask..

Where does this lead? 

A virus is a tiny genetic agent, it is so small that it is governed by quantum superposition, this means that it behaves like a wave rather than a particle 

Because of this, a virus can quantum tunnel

Medieval and ancient people allegorically portrayed diseases as a kind of totalising mass or hyperobject rather than as individual germs or particles and maybe that’s more accurate - a disease is a field frequency and is energetically entangled with its environment (us)

A mask 😷 can protect against exposure to a large amount of viral load from a sneeze or a cough but not the virus itself - and exposure to the virus is only really a bad thing if you are immunocompromised, otherwise, you would want to expose yourself to it (ideally not too much at once and when you are feeling healthy) so that your body learns to adapt to it, adjust to it and fight it.

Vaccination, however - leads us somewhere totally different because by its very nature it negates our own evolutionary, adaptive, natural and energetic functions and instead means we must rely on synthetic and artificial immunity. If the body/being is forced to rely on synthetic and artificial immunity it can no longer sustain its lifeforce in any normal way and we depart from our homeostatic human condition and evolve, or devolve into something else 

  • everything comes at a price and il get to that later 

Vaccination is a political, social and spiritual issue more than it is medical. It is also heavily technocentric as it relates to how technology morphs and distorts the human character, it is hubristic.

An example is breastfeeding - which forms a powerful and normal bond between the infant and the mother, delivers nutrients that protect against cancers and degenerative disease and increases IQ - as mammals, it is what we have been designed by evolution or God; whichever way you look at it, to do.

Technology, however, disrupts this homeostasis  - in modern society, women often have a hard time breastfeeding as they have to do it all on their own without community support, it is often difficult and painful or it just isn’t achievable and therefore the technology exists to feed the baby in other ways. 

The technology that allows for bottle-feeding relieves the mother and supports her, acting as a stand-in, a surrogate and a technological prosthesis that changes the mother’s relationship which her child.

Based on this dynamic, if, OK it’s when ...the technology becomes available for babies to be gestated in artificial wombs then this will be quickly adopted also

The reason is convenience (rather than emancipation) bottle feeding, vaccinations and future artificial wombs, like so many other technologies of techno modernisation - relieve us from our evolutionary constraints.

Progressives, futurists, technologists and atheists like this because they see humanity as deeply flawed - they believe that technology will better humanity and relieve us of our mammalian natures which they see as backward, primitive or counter progressive.

In a traditional society, getting sick and either overcoming it or dying, becoming a mother, giving birth and feeding your infant is the norm - it’s part of being human.

However in hypermodernity, these type of occurrences are becoming increasingly rare and they are treated as inherently unfair, backward, dangerous, oppressive or as something which must be solved or overcome.

Ageing is considered a disease, death is considered something to fear rather than embrace or accept and the roles of the genders are considered unequal and oppressive - to the point that they should be dissolved and eradicated entirely.

Dissolved and eradicated; think about that for a moment - the inherent logic of advanced modernities trajectory is the undoing of the human form (and spirit). Somehow, we are desiring our dissolution...

And Vaccines relate to this how exactly?

The new Biotech Vaccines deliver mRNA to your body's cells by lipid nanoparticles - they create edits in your genome, a little bit of genetic modification will probably not do much damage to your DNA or fundamentally change who you are but if you keep doing it you will eventually be so genetically modified you will no longer be human.

The future is looking increasingly hostile and uncertain, against a backdrop that promises a technological revolution that will transform our species.

We are facing an uncertain future in a very different world, a warming planet and a transformed climatic environment amongst superintelligent machines.

I have written elsewhere that I believe this is due to macro-cosmic and solar events rather than human actions alone - but the fact is that it is very likely that in the near future, all manner of climatic changes will occur and new diseases, whether they come from laboratories, wet markets, caves, jungles, permafrost, or extraterrestrials will present massive challenges for the survival of our species.

This is what I believe the Vaccination Agenda is about - genetic modification and population control.

As the technological and stack architectures of our mass urban environments develop into sentient hive systems - sensor networks, the Internet of Things, 5G, advanced surveillance architectures and nanorobotic swarms; humans will become cybernetic organisms - they will integrate and combine with the machine world through brain-machine interfacing and retinal implants...

The eradication of tradition, gender, the family, spirituality, class and differentiation is portrayed as desirable because these things are seen as obsolete, backwards and archaic, something to be overcome...

In the increasingly hostile world of climatic change, futuristic flu, novel diseases and mounting existential risk we will rely on genetic modification through biotechnology — all of this combined will transform us into something no longer human.

The political left and the transhumanists and atheists like this because they see nothing special about humanity, yet at the same time don’t see anything higher than us (as in they do not see God) - this humanity, through “progressivism” is considered to be a developmental platform for enhancement and emancipation.

The problem is that this hubris is primitive, the vaccinations have been rushed and forced on us, they are experimental and are already causing adverse reactions and irreversible effects, what's more, there will be no way to ever know if degenerative diseases later down the line, or fertility problems which might arise, or anything of that sort might be linked to the vaccines because it is and will be impossible to do those kinds of studies or prove any links.

The big picture is that we are being edited, genetically modified and experimented upon so that a new hybrid species can survive in the future - a whole new being - the virus and the vaccinations are part of a plan to transform humanity.

So if humanity is to be transformed by biotechnology and cybernetics...

What might we get instead? 

Alien Greys... Yes, androgynous, neotenous grey aliens - 👽 

It is the ultimate ☭ 🐝 communism; grey goo with anthropological morphology, humanoid soylent ... Undifferentiated and totally egalitarian NPC drones 

The Vaccine Agenda, the lab grown virus, the global health pass - the trajectory of genetic modification coupled with cybernetics and huge mega-cities controlled by AI is the path we are heading towards.

It may sound far out but I believe this is the path, and as I write this the UFO disclosure is gaining momentum as the US Government nears ever closer to disclosing that there is a real extraterrestrial presence on our planet.

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In the 2007 sci-fi film, The Last Mimzy, which is aimed at kids; a stuffed toy rabbit (symbolising the white rabbit 🐇 - which you should follow) is sent back in time to our present-day by scientists of the future

The rabbit contains an advanced neuromopmic chip produced by Intel, rendering the rabbit somewhat sentient 

Its purpose is to collect DNA from two children whose minds have not yet been compromised and corrupted by the debasing, drudgery and vapidity of modern existence 

Then a special technological device upgrades and accelerates their consciousness - and sparks an evolutionary shift; the project worked -

“To find a soul in the past - not contaminated by the pollutants that filled our bodies and minds. Our precious quality of humanity had been turned off...”

The scientists want the children’s DNA because in their timeline, the trajectory of their present world - things have gone awry and our sacred DNA has been lost or damaged.

Higher consciousness and spirituality seem to have been edited out and humans have become afraid and reclusive, living inside protective suits and believing in profane science which serves no higher purpose;

“...but in Emma’s tears was the instruction for an awakening, and it spread like wildflowers. People shed their protective suits, and over time, humanity blossomed again”

Don’t let it happen - there are alternatives, I promise you 🌀💗🧬☸️🤍