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Some days ago I was sent a DM by somebody who told me that they hate my politics, but they love my visual art -- I was pretty offended and I told them to leave me alone, as I found their comment to be patronising and condescending.

It is true that I have stated that I identify with the esoteric-right, and I have been influenced By Land and Evola, I’ve been honest about that - I don’t have to agree with everything they say !. Honestly, they are pretty racist at times, to be truthful - I’m not, read my writings, you will see - I JUST really detest groupthink and loss of basic freedoms at the will of the collective, ignorant mass, or the BioSecutity State !

 - Oh and I think modernity, or modern civilisation is a disease and I think that state socialism / communism is even worse than capitalism, so I side with NRx but I don’t actually want that either, in reality — if that makes me a bad person, whatever.. I’m against the whole system, I’m a Mystical Anarchist and il say I’m right wing just to provoke... but also, maybe I am, so what?... in a different situation I might be something else, political orientation, like gender orientation isn’t set in stone, so you can move around as much as you like 👍 if you just free your mind from the cathedrals indoctrination.

So I’m going to build on the alternative option which I’m developing (to the whole system) further down this text. It’s called Avatar Primitivism and it’s a hybrid/combined system. (You can read the first chapter here )

For now, some words on the left and my politics - I’ve been trying for year's to embrace the left, only to be pushed further and further away from their smelt ( > ).

Then events of the plandemic - the lefts Stockholm Syndrome, their embracing of Covid Tryanny; their unwillingness to stand up against the fascism of lockdowns, mask mandates, (sorry but fuck off im not wearing that shit on my face you absolute NPC’s - they don’t even work anyway) vaccination passports / health passes ~ are you fucking kidding me ? ...

They are forcing this experimental dangerous witchcraft on children and healthy people to control us all like animal stock, just to see if they can : it’s evil — basically microchipped; track us, weaken us, negate our bodies natural defences, kill us off, depopulate the planet  - they have no clue what they are even doing and people are falling for it — 2 more boosters and they don’t even last or work properly.

If this doesn’t cause infertility then - blood clots, heart problems or you develop some horrible degenerative disease in 15 years. 

Just Stop ✋ why would anyone offer themselves up as a guinea pig for an evil New World Order that has been planning this event for decades — it’s dangrous !! Why can’t people wake up and smell the bullshit??

The Great Reset (which is turning us into neo-serfs in a Hunger Games world (they already have Covid Passes for high-speed trains in Italy (Build Back Better!)) Is causing apatheid - it is creating a matriarchal insectoid slave society comprised of Human Security, Technics and AI which will split the species.

In truth it is Sinofication, it’s Neo-China arriving from the future - it’s the futuristic flu, Asian countries have been mask wearing with health passes for years and are very much authoritarian and collectivised, and now that shits here in the West - the left seem quite happy about that.

(Hey don’t hate the Asian people, though. We stand in solidarity with the Milk Tea Alliance against tech dictatorships and BioSecurity - Asian people are welcome 🤲 here.)

Whatsmore, the lefts continued negation of anything higher than slime-humanism, materialism and the will of the mob eventually pushed me over the edge and so…

I started speaking out, and writing.

BoooHooo I’m soooooooooo done it’s funny, I do not care what you think of me anymore or if my career is ruined or if someone tries to punch me beucase they think I’m a fascist for having the wrong opinions or reading the wrong books... at least I feel that I can finally rant freely on SubStack, you know, that’s liberation in 2021 - you can probably tell by the tone !! fuck the NWO. ;) go home. NO NO NO! You are the fascists!... I won’t be punching anyone though 🧘‍♀️.

The sad truth is that many people, especially those in the spheres that I float around in; believe that anything which deviates from the left equals instant heresey, and inevitably means that one is some kind of hateful, evil monster - bigot.

But I don't hate anyone, or their politics and I don't discriminate against any groups of people at all -- actually I celebrate difference and culture, race and gender plasticity, freedom of expression, do what you want just don’t tread on me, and all that - it is the left who want to control everything and it is the left who want to homogenise and congeal all of the things which make us unique and human. The modern left actually destroys culture, as it no longer creates anything of real value.

LOVE - read my writings, you will see. I'm all about the love, I'm like a cyber-hippie, basically. But that's another problem, the modern system and the institutional left is increasingly hostile towards the spiritual and New Age types, and it’s aligning with the globalist elites... becuase anything that deviates from the mainstream narrative is, ooooooo ; a dangerous conspiracy theory ! - We are in a regime and capitalism is selling us fascist communism and it’s an international collab, which is set on destroying humanity for good.

The idea that left = good, right = bad, is so simplistic and retarded it would be barely worth thinking about -- the reality, however is that exiting the vampires castle isnt easy because the left / or the cathedral dominates all of the dominant institutions of our time, blames capitalism alone and provokes either reaction or conformity. 

People are brainwashed, bullied and gaslighted — and some people get pushed over the edge... It’s a profoundly sick society, so what do you expect ?! It’s not good, it’s really bad, it’s sad — but the problem is the whole system - it’s civilisation / it’s all of modernity, not just capitalism, bruh.

So, anyway I guess the right is for terrorists, extremists, racists, selfish capitalists and the mentally ill autists and schizoids -- whereas the left is for the empathic, it's for those who want the good of the collective over the selfish individual, the left is there to protect us all, it’s there to make everything fair and equal, it’s there to keep everyone safe; the left follows the science etc. It's progressive! —

Or at least that's how many people see it. The late Mark Fisher didn't see things in such simplistic terms, but whatever, you know - this was pre PLANDEMIC - 

Everyone in power is basically a globalist leftoid now. Boris Johnson is left-wing becuase when he says “Build Back Better” in his speeches and caves in to the whims of international collaboration — he might as well be a communist (globalist)... My point is that the Great Reset / the global agenda coming from elites is a world totalitarian fascist/communist system and it’s been planned by the people who want to exploit and profit from this new world system (like Gates for instance). They want to keep you safe and lock you down and control you with 5G IoT mesh networks whist they buy up all of the land and do what ever the fuck they like. System wants you afraid, conforming, “following the science” (whatever the heck that means anyway ?) and masked up. 

They (powerful elites) want to create a unified world system —  by having you comply with it, by selling you tryranny in the guise of empathy, equality and collectivism (it’s to keep everyone safe) 🐑 . Baaaaaa 

This could be a dictatorship of the proletariat but it’s not even that, if only the proletariat hadn’t fallen out of love with the left also ! — It’s totally 💯 obsolete. The left are happy to protest police being given more powers and they are happy to protest against global warming (of which elites already have plans for dealing with anyway  - since they have known about it since at least the 1950s) 

Yet the left are silent on the real tyranny - that is the New World System which is a Brave New World of technologically sophisticated totalitarianism — have you noticed that working class people actually talk about what Bill Gates is up to?  And that they are more sympathetic to Q and The Awakening — we are winning, there is going to be a massive resistance. XR and those protests against the Police Bills are very white and middle class tbh - whereas the freedom movement is much more diverse and working class — this is beucase, as I mentioned - modern leftism increasingly aligns with the values of elites... Same as in America, yet it manifests a little differently over here across the pond - the situation isn’t quite the same but The Great Awakening ✌️ is what really matters,

and OK I’l be fair, If you consider yourself to be standing against many of the same things as me, yet you say you’re on the left, that’s cool, we can be friends, I won’t hate your politics or try to punch you, and we can discuss and disagree, it’s fine -  I’m not inventing Avatar Primtivism for Right Wingers — 

It’s just that “The Left” itself is fucking impotent and no amount of viagra could fix it, the dick is useless, so to speak — chop it off, grow a new pair - AVATAR PRIM - 2012 > Next Stage, post-collapse let’s go...


So. I want to begin this next installment on my concept of Avatar Primitvism from the premise that we could potentially save people like Mark Fisher for instance (as in we could save souls) - from the despair and malise caused by modernity, or modern civilisation (not just capitalism) which is keeping us ill and co-dependant ( that means both capitalism and communism congealing together inside advanced technomodernity ) -- if we truly exit the cathedral / modernity / or the matrix control system - and embrace the New Age, The New Paradigm, The Age of Aquarius -- or however you’d like to define it.

To do this, we should forget about left and right, in reality - and we should forget about authoritarianism vs libertarianism (eventually - for now we must resist authoritarianism over the left - right binary) or collectivism vs individualism... Becuase these are products/ or paradigms of modernity... And they are part of a false reality —

When you walk into a forest, and you sit down, you clear your mind and you begin to meditate 🧘‍♀️— are you left or right wing?, It no longer means anything. 

It no longer matters, so let’s begin in the forests. Fuck the state.

Wait one more thing ! I say I’m right beucase I feel that the left is failing us in droves, and because anyone who wants to move freely, creatively, intellectually and spiritually today is basically an enemy of the state and of the left, maybe even defined as a terrorist or a dangrous conspiracist, why ? I think of it in the Moldbugian / Landian sense; 

> progressive civilisational excess inevitably pushes further and further left as we accelerate techno-modernity. It seems that today this tends to mean one is inevitably “right wing”— or edgy, becuase one disagrees with, or reacts against the NewThink that is the tide of “progressivism”- because one interprets things differently. 

So let’s consider how different we could get. Let’s think REALLY differently. 

For hundreds of thousands of years people lived in Hunter-Gatherer societies (and during the late Neolithic these became quite complex ) — and when I say people, I mean humans, yet I don’t mean our species alone, Homo Sapiens-Sapiens — I mean Neanderthals, Denisovans and hybrids between these groups and modern humans — I also mean Hyperboreans, Atlanteans and many other races of humans, some of them coming from the stars - like the Nephilm or the Annunaki.

How do I know this ? There is much evidence. Take for example the mound building cultures of North America — people who were 7-8 feet tall were found buried at many ancient sites across the US — and these giants, or tall people, were part of a priestly class, like Quezeacotal — who was a feathered-serpent white dude, who came from the far north.

Actually a lot of these priests or shamans were considered to be shapeshifting bird people, and they wore capes and headdresses of feathers.

They ruled over the endemic populations and brought their cosmogony and celestial teachings to local / indigenous people who often worshiped them, but they also mixed into the stock of those populations — there was a whole lot of hybridisation and genetic variation going on in archaic past, it was anything but homogenous.

What happened to these skeletons you ask ? - well in many ways nothing much, some were given to indigenous groups to re-bury elsewhere and you can read about them in academic papers if you can get hold of those - and much like UFO’s, which have been partially disclosed, what does it matter ? - becuase all that matters, in the end, is the dominant narrative, and the dominant narrative doesn’t factor in tall whites / or giants from the far north, from Hyperborea or Atlantis, or somewhere like that...Becuase the dominant narrative, or cathedral doesn’t want you to talk about those things, now does it !

Just a word becuase I know that this might cause racial sensitivity — Gregory Little, in his book co-authored with Andrew Collins; Denisovan Origins, says that there is no paticular evidence that these giants where white at all, for instance the giants of Patagonia were not white and Little thinks that they were a mix of different races/species, or clades, so therefore, they could have been various colours — my point however is that myths of tall white beings entering the Americas from the far north, bringing knowledge from the stars and ruling over indigenous populations might likely correlate to a very real reality.

Is it OK if we discuss that ? Nope! but we will anyway...

The truth is that at various times in the past people entered North America from the far North via the The Beringia land bridge and the most well known of these are referred to as the Clovis people, who were for a long time thought to be the first people to enter the Americas, except they were not the first; as people like Graham Hancock have also shown. 

Whatsmore, a cataclysmic comet impact which is referred to as the Younger Dryas Impact Event hit around 12,500 years ago and this likely caused huge tsunamis around large parts of the planet.

This event is perhaps very likely responsible for wiping out Atlantis and is also responsible for the biblical flood myths that we know about today from ancient texts

— perhaps some of those people, who were fallout from antediluvian civilisations became hunter gatherers, arrived in North America and formed a priestly class, ruling over settled pre-civilisational indigenous groups who were already living in the Americas for a long time..

Some evidence for people already living in the Americas for hundreds of thousands of years beforehand is that Denisovan, East Asian and Australasian/Oceanic DNA is found in indigenous Amazonian tribespeople, for instance...

What we get then;- is complex, late-Neolithic, pre-pottery and semi settled hunter-gatherer societies, with advanced cosmological beliefs - like the people who built Gobekli Tepe near Sanliurfa in Turkey (which I visited last year) who had some, let’s say interesting genetic and social arrangements -

We also begin to build a far more interesting picture of a world before, or after (if you count those that might have been wiped out by the Younger Dryas Impact Event) civilisation than mainstream archeology would have you believe .

If you are no longer under the spell of myopic and hubristic, progressive linear history - as in, you understand that things move in cycles — considering fallout cultures after cataclysmic collapse has occurred is worth it’s salt.

The truth is being suppressed and we have a need-to-know, since societal arrangements which existed before ancient Sumer might be closer to our future than you realise - the difference being that this time around we have some advanced technological know-how that we could make good use of.


🟢Ⓐ🟣 (2) — Since, in the case of our newly invented micro societies / or cultures of combined systems which we refer to as Avatar Primitivist, we are considering post-civilisational, Post-collapse and Post Political (Post-Right / Post-Left) - social structures, then a focus on societal arrangements characterised as complex, settled or semi settled Hunter Gather groups, such as those which existed during the late Neolithic and were comprised of different species, or clades of humans*;-

Might very well seem to be built on a hyper-conservative and hyper reactionary response to the profound sickness of modernity...

[ * - To be clear, I am aware that species such as Neanderthal and Denisovan are supposed to have died out much earlier, but I posit that some of those lingered on or remained as hybrids, and I am also referring to races of people who fell from antidelivian civilisations after the Younger Dryas Impact event - remember that we are talking about social arrangements and belief systems which continued with little change for many thousands of years ]

However, the theory itself is, in reality spiritually progressive and it is modernity that is spiritually regressive — we will explore all of this in later texts on Avatar-PRIM.

Just a minute though I want to reassure the lefties or anyone worried about white supremacy...

These local indigenous populations eventually got sick of the tall (maybe white, or lighter skinned) shamanic shape-shifting bird priests who ruled over them and they were defeated, allegedly — so if that isn’t a triumph over white supremacy then I don’t know what is. Or if not a triumph over white supremacy, it is a triumph over species dominance and/or genetic supremacy. 

And this is the key point that I would like to make about Avatar Primtivism. How will it work ?!

Here’s an idea; we should accelerate technomodernity towards collapse and then we should breakaway into Avatar Primitvist tribes which have various structural arrangements - in that they may differ in factors of spiritual/atheistic hierarchical/egalitarian, monogamous/poly, queer/straight, patriarchal/matriarchal arrangements that suit those who are freely entering into the tribes, each individual being given sovereign autonomy over their social conditions and living arrangements, personal liberty protected— the aim being to celebrate differentiation, cultural diversity and the like and do away with the congealing combination of slime communism and the capitalistic materialism of mass society. We celebrate true diversity - freedom from modernisation (genetic, cultural, social).

The biggest challenge is how to create a post-civilisational-complex of fragmented, hybrid, technologically sophisticated micro-structural clusters of combined systems that allows for polynomial social arrangements which will allow us to freely enter in and out of the various tribes, who would not be at risk of violence, social control and exploitation or extreme poverty — we must minimise those risks (and I will expand on this further down).  

As I have stated in the first Avatar-PRIM instalment, we might need the help of some AI to do that — it’s a little bit gamified. Sorry, but I don’t want to promote violence and exploitation... And I have some other ideas too.

—  It’s a bit like NRx, in that if you don’t like the way in which one tribe goes about certain things, go join another — we minimise existential risk, we try to make sure people aren’t being tortured, raped, killed, exploited etc — cuz that sucks, those things are not good.

You want an abortion ? - join a tribe that permits it, etc.. 

This would actually be easier to do when the social arrangement is based on tribes rather than structures that exhibit high degrees of dangerous consequential outcomes; excommunication / poverty / social exclusion, shaming, honour killings, and so forth, if one decides to leave; we need contingency plans in place to protect them, don’t we ? — I’m aware that it sounds a bit like a video game but I believe this is the best arrangement for people who want to exit the Insect-Hive, cybernetically controlled cities of the near future.

So I have stated that we may need to use some kind of AI or advanced tech to support Avatar Primtivism because 1. Technological and synthetic / computational complexity is inevitable and it is accelerating and 2. We do actually care about social welfare and minimising the risk of violence and exploitation, yet we also want to trust choices made by family groups and small communities over control of the state, and we also want people to be free - maybe we can make good use of AI for that.

Or maybe we can’t, we just don’t know at this stage. We certainly need to create tech that breaks away from BioSecurity, mass surveillance and data harvesting.

There is, thankfully another option other than total reliance on technology to make sure we don’t hack each other to bits and pieces, or to totally control people and to, well; make sure people aren’t being too shitty to each other or suffering too much -

I’m going to touch on it a little here and then I’ll expand on it in a later text on Avatar-PRIM.

I just started reading José Argüelles book “Time and The Technosphere - The Law of Time in Human Affairs” which is really sick, it posits that all of modern-civilisation is built on false, mechanistic time as Argüelles believes that we must shed the false Georgian callendrical system and adopt a new paradigm in order to bring about;

“the transformation of the hybrid planetary human into a genuinely spiritualized being” -

If we could do such a thing, if it is possible that what Argüelles calls “The Law of Time” - meaning that the universe, Gaia, or the biosphere has plans for a world transformation as we enter into a New Age (which James Lovelock calls The Novacene - or is that just the Technosphere ?) …

Then we don’t really need to worry about there being “no alternative” to capitalism, or that the only alternative is world communism — because the whole of modernity, or modern, global civilisation is on it’s way out anyway (good riddance). Argüelles suggests that transformative events, crisis and cyclical changes punctuate towards inevitable occurrences, which will eventually lead, through the accelerated evolution of consciousness ~ towards a new humanity, which will be composed of a much more peaceful spiritual people.

Our petty differences will no longer matter, as they will no longer divide us or affect us like they do now. We will then celebrate the vast diversity that is the human organism, to a much more expanded potential; Argüelles goes on to say that -

 “... the crisis through which we are now passing is but the final stage before consciousness bursts into a new radiance of bio-solar telepathic wonder where negative emotions and thought forms no longer have any place to hide.”

And so if such a shift does indeed occur, then we hopefully won’t need to use too much AI to make sure people don’t hate each (too much) for their politics, their race, religion, their sex or the way that they express their gender - or whatever — as maybe the new structures of Avatar Primitivism will mean that people won’t feel that way, maybe we will be more evolved, and we won’t even need to have abortions at all, as I really believe that there is some hope for such an occurrence to take place.

let me make the point that I’m in full awareness that some degrees of conflict and suffering is more than necessary for our species - as is jealousy and envy and so forth, both from an evolutionary psychological perspective, such as that which is discussed by people like David Buss, but also from the perspective of spiritual growth — my point is only that we need to privilege creativity, freedom and imagination and minimise the exploitation, violence, and the pathological conditions of the domesticated, debasing control systems caused by advanced civilisational modernisation and it’s casualties.

So, I just started reading Argüelles and as I mentioned, aim to explore these concepts further in a later text. The key point is that it’s all about cosmic consciousness and evolution.

It’s also about what becomes of us inside the Technosphere - Avatar PRIM suggests we need some distance from that, we may choose to take refuge amongst the trees 🌲 >

Can I just finnish on Mark Fisher ?

Fisher used the brilliant term “Cybertime Crisis” to describe the shit condition of capitalistic modernity, and as you know, I don’t blame capitalism alone, but he did and many people still do.

Mark was celebrated by the left for his critique of techno-capitalism / or Capitalist Realism, which he blamed for the malise and dispair suffered at the hands of — well capitalism apparently, but then when he critised aspects of the modern left, he got critised by those same people who celebrated him.

I’ve often thought that Mark was suffering from modernity, not just capitalism -- but people won’t have any of it.

This may offend many of you, but I honestly believe that if he explored psychedelics, meditation, New Age spirituality, listened to Terrance Meckenna etc. Then he might have developed a more healthy attitude that, I'm not necessarily saying would have saved him -- but I think it would of helped...

Are people given shrooms and told to meditate and listen to positive spiritual teachers instead of miserable critics of the “evil capitalist system” ? - Nope... They become increasingly alienated and depressed by the modern system and then they get given shit SSRI’s and other emotion reducing drugs, and horrible pharmaceutical meds which they become dependent on and addicted to, which then make them even more sick >

(I have written elsewhere that emotions charge DNA - we must learn how to feel more and not be afraid).

Basically, people are told that they have to get on with it, and they are told to blame the capitalistic aspects of the modern system becuase it’s seen to be unfair and unequal — if only the system could be reformed and made more equal and if only Human Security looked after us better !

Sorry, babes, it can’t, it’s far more worse and systemic than this... The whole thing must go.

So many people in my sphere are still stuck inside the miserablism that is modern leftist thought, that they are quite unaware of anti-modern, esoteric and spiritual perspectives --  this is because the majority of these perspectives are kept out of the academia and the institutions, and in 2021 those perspectives still belong to the lunatic fringe and the outside, to the conspiracy theorists and the Q people...

But what if the Q people are right ?! - What if there is an evil cabal of blood sucking pedo reptoid shapeshifters pulling the strings from behind the seats or world power..? The Mayans had lizard kings take over their institutions and their legal and political systems and they started doing weird satanic shit, blood lettings and the like, so it HAS happened before. 

If you believe in extradimensional ET’s who can shapeshift (of which the US GOVERNMENT has come VERY close to disclosing, by the way!) - then it’s not that far out. It’s only far out of the paradigm of normie consensus reality and who gives a crap about that, it’s 2021...

Daniel Pinchbek, who is a popular author on subjects relating to The New Age and counterculture, yet little discussed in the elite Art and Theory world wrote something on his SubStack about how Artists should be sounding the alarm bell, but instead have gotten duped into obsessing over NFT’s - ( > )- this is soooo true and it is a symptom of the situation that we face, we need an awakening, a revolution, we need creative people to wake up and smell the bullshit... And hey 👋 there is an Awakening, if you can feel it :).

We must not be afraid to cross over to the other side, we need to stop fearing ridicule, cancellation, shadowbanning and social exclusion and hey, also - fuck our careers, everything is changing - we need you to explore the lunatic fringe ... it’s so much more fun and creative over here 👈.

When I saw so many Artists robotically going on and on about nothing other than NFTs and crypto tokens I thought that they had been hacked (in the way which Yuval Harrari describes).

As the biosphere dissolved into the Technosphere and as the Cybertime Crisis morphs into a Biosecurity State, eventually leading to a Post-Human Cyborgian Novacene,

[ Much celebrated by those on the left and right who negate the eternal aspects of the star tetrahedral sacred human form, created in the image of God ]

totalitarian collectivism autospecialises and liquifies humanity, which is far worse than a Candy Crush addiction > not enough people on the left, or the right are critising or standing up against that.

More Soon ‘ 🔜 🟢🟣