Avatar Primitivism >>>🟢Ⓐ🟣

An Introduction


I made it up, I will try to define it — 

It could be what Žižek has called “Jungle Law” - he said that we will either get that or world communism. David Icke has another word for the latter, he calls it a fascist world state.

Hugo de Garis agrees with both of them as much as he believes that we are heading towards a global state, but he calls it fully Democratic (lol yeah right)

I'm aiming to develop some ideas to theorise and define what Avatar Primitivism could be, as an alternative to world totalitarianism and global governance.

It is an alternative to modernism in the truest sense - capitalist and communist systems are part of the same process of modernisation, whether the system favours free markets, isolationism, fragmentation, corporatised neo-cameralism or state regulation and centralised control, it is always anti-traditional and anti-spiritual — NRx, in this regard, isn’t reactionary enough, because it’s just a fragmented and hyperprivatised, rather than homogenised and state-controlled version of post-democratic modernism. It’s all MODERNISM!

...Or globalism. Despite ruptures and fragmentation’s - urbanism, globalism and technological acceleration is spreading around the planet in a process that is set to continue.

We seem to be witnessing capitalism and communism, or state totalitarianism - congeal into one system - a hybrid of capitalism, communism and tyranny; algorithmic control - digital dictatorships, something worse than 1984...

China actually developed a security architecture called Skynet and it is arguably the case that the technological and surveillance infrastructure itself, when enabled by 5G, mesh networks and IoT smart devices that adopt things like facial, emotional and behavioural recognition is A perfectly suited technological apparatus for tyrannical purposes - once you have the tech, it’s difficult not to use it for societal control;

It’s Promethean - The Ring Of Power.

“Neo-China arrives from the future” - quite literally.

Because China has managed to autosophisticate modernism towards the creation of a hybrid system that is autospecialising machinic production - the human consequence of this is social credit systems and subjugation through AI; humans become subsumed into a collectivised modern stock - and those who are not absorbed into the collective stock of techno-modernisation are slowly sidelined, crushed and eradicated - as is the case with the Uighurs and other minority ethnic groups in China and elsewhere; 

The process relates to any group of people or individuals who do not fit in with, or cannot adapt to the machinic system and its consequences - and that process began in the West before it spread to the East. Colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and genocide; all of these horrors have existed in the past without modernism - but modernism / or techno-industrialisation autosophisticates, mechanises, further dehumanises and accelerates the process of civilisational excess.

It is all-encompassing, spreading around the planet like a disease.

And If advanced-techno-modernisation doesn’t cleanse, eradicate or absorb you into its stock - it will relegate you to the bottom rung of society and restrict your movements. It will force vaccination and a global health pass on you, it will track and store metadata about everything that you do, gaslight you, abuse you and modify you’re thoughts and feelings. It will create a file based on your activities and use it against you if it deems your behaviour unworthy of the requirements of modern citizenship — it will deny you freedoms and opportunities if you don’t comply or if you don’t fit the bill; 

“Computer says no” - the human security system desires to crush your spirit and remake you in its image:

People who defend modernism, whether it is from a left, right or centralist perspective often like to make a point about how urbanisation and economic growth has raised tens of millions of people out of poverty, elevating and transforming their life quality  — those on the economic left will defend China’s economic miracle on this premise, and those on the economic right will defend Western free markets and globalisation for exactly the same reason.

Modernism has indeed achieved this - and the cost is our humanity, our freedom, our spirituality, the clouding of ancient wisdom teachings, the loss of cultural and ethnic identities, the loss of archaic and ancestral knowledge, and our connection with the Earth, not to mention a whole set of autoimmune, inflammatory and degenerative diseases which are not found in Hunter Gatherer and traditional cultures. It is worth considering that the pharmaceutical industrial complex exists to profit from the sickness caused by the technosphere (more on this in part 2) she is under attack;

: G A I A - The unique characteristics of our species are crushed and suppressed — whilst we are packed into shoebox living spaces in megacities - or even in those awful communal living pods.

That loss of traditional spirit and the perpetuation of techno-modern alienation impedes our ability to act or imagine alternatives, Fishers “Capitalist realism” - I just don’t agree that this is down to capitalism alone... it’s all modernism (!)

The finger is pointed at capitalism for being responsible for the exploitative, oppressive and unequal consequences of this process, with the hope that a post-capitalist system could achieve an “elevation” in lifestyle in a more responsible or egalitarian way; yet capitalism remains and post-2008 attempts at egalitarianism; like The Great Reset are set to reduce us to the status of propertyless Neo-Serf’s as machines take over the labour market and a new post-capitalist/ state communist economy is implemented as a result of the forth industrial revolution.

Yet we can imagine alternatives if we let ourselves - it’s just that we aren’t always very good at it, we police each other and we have institutions in place which are orientated towards making sure we don’t go down certain intellectual, spiritual and political pathways that threaten modernisation and globalisation — as such, even many interpretations of accelerationism do not desire to accelerate and move beyond or outside of techno-modernisation, the lasting dregs of enlightenment rationalism and postmodern irony.

This debasing energy gets inside us, it’s poison — so we seek an exit. 

The left hemisphere dominance and stranglehold of thought in the academia has meant that the majority of people in Western institutions are preoccupied with the limited imagination which is permitted to them by the academic and institutional Left or “The Cathedral” - and have thus been boxed into a paradigm where they can only think about criticising Capitalism, which is considered to be the absolute devil and root of all evil.

After Marx, Žižek is largely responsible for this because when he talks about “the overcoming of capitalism” he means we should desire state communism;- it amounts to a failure of the imagination because it dominates the entire thinking patterns and domains of liberal arts and philosophy departments of the modern west - it is a mind virus which affects the youth and seems to do the job of training them into thinking like modern global citizens - their so-called ‘radicalisation’ - actually aligns with and meets the goals of the New World Order. 

Overcoming capitalism, because it is exploitative and inegalitarian - means the creation of Skynet which is guarded by The Human Security System and a totalising state that keeps everyone safe and out of harm; a kind of smothering, over-possessive matriarchal collectivism whereby the youth have been trained and conditioned to desire and demand their own pacification, domestication and servitude.

If you take the red pill > or the black pill > or clear pill > or whichever the latest pill is — you have truly ‘exited the vampires' castle’ and you find yourself on the outside, in the Reactosphere - thinking about alternatives to globalism or state communism. But these pills don’t appear to go far enough - because they usually revert back to classical-liberal, conservative, patriarchal and capitalistic or neo-feudal paradigms which don’t solve the problem of debasing modernisation.

They aim to protect individual Liberty, national identity and tradition - you know, things the modern left, or control-left despise, whilst conserving, maintaining or reinvigorating A corpse of the enlightenment system - acceleration on a flat tire. NRx aims to achieve this via a post-democratic paradigm — which is referred to as Neo-Cameralism and it’s funny how controversial this is because I find it to be quite banal.


This popular memetic phrase, which is a nod to the traditionalist philosophy of Julias Evola, René Guénon and Frithjof Schuon gets closer towards a truly radical paradigm shift regarding why we should desire something totally different from modernism altogether -

However, we cannot return to tradition. 

“The current is too strong” Evola had said in Ride The Tiger...

“ The essential thing is not to let oneself be impressed by the omnipotence and apparent triumph of the forces of the epoch. These forces, devoid of connection with any higher principle, are in fact on a short chain. One should not become fixated on the present and things at hand, but keep in view the conditions that may come about in the future...”

Evola, who favoured racial cast systems, strict gender roles and a return to primordial traditional spirituality had, in his later years realised that there was going to be no return to the traditional spirit that he desired.

Because The Kali Yung is accelerating.

He recognised that modernism was leading towards debasing egalitarianism, feminisation, collectivity and matriarchy — and he hoped that what he called the differentiated type; the ascetic, or the hero - would find a way to ride the tiger through and out the other side of modernisation, seeing that this differentiated person would recognise that it would all eventually come to pass. Thus the differentiated type exists within, yet outside of and is indifferent to the modern mindset. 

So if we don’t want modernism and if there is no return to tradition or Evolian inegalitarianism, and if we are already riding the tiger, what? 


Enter Avatar Primitivism >

Like all good Year Zero 💞 - totalising revolutionary transformations this system can only come about after some kind of catastrophic collapse of the current paradigm;

It is so radically different from what we have now, it would require a deluge, a total collapse of global civilisation. 

Luckily, at least for Avatar primitivism - this might happen;

But what is it? What’s Jungle Law?

First, let’s briefly outline why we may face a collapse of global civilisation and then build a picture of what a post-collapse world might look like -

I’m going to base my reasoning for total civilisational collapse on the thesis of Hugo de Garis. Lots of people think global civilisation might collapse for all sorts of reasons and in many circles it has become commonplace to prepare for a post-collapse world. As the subject of collapse is so extensive and has been covered extensively elsewhere I will not dwell on it.

I like de Garis’s thesis because he’s a physicist and AI researcher who has worked on brain-building projects, I tend to think that people who are working in the AI field have a better grasp of the situation than others because they understand how transformative the technology is - AI is the big game-changer, it’s superpowerful and potentially more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

Although de Garis thinks the AI revolution will eventually lead to a “fully democratic” world state, he also thinks a world war will occur in the stages before the world state is implemented - his reasons are related to a series of ruptures and destabilisations in human society which he believes will occur as AI superpowers arms race each other into the future, and as machines replace human workers - 

His species dominance problem of AI relates to a division which he sees occurring between enhanced human cyborgs and those who either reject or cannot access technological enhancements.

let’s suppose that this rift does lead to some kind of collapse or total world transformation and we can begin to build a picture of what a post-collapse world might look like as an alternative to a totalitarian world state...

We should first imagine that some kind of bifurcation has occurred. 

And then let’s hypothesise that our species has split into a series of new clades > a kind of biosynthetic lifeworld explosion - a hyper-punctuated equilibrium/or rapid evolutionary transformation spurred on by the inevitability of technological enhancement.

In this world, different human groups, rather than homogenising into a single collective stock - have gone their own way, they have spread out in many different directions and differentiated.

If you follow Agenda 21 and the Georgia Guidestones, or have read, or watched the Hunger Games - it suggests this world will look very different from the world we inhabit today.

We are talking super-advanced hive megacities run by super-strong AI. 

Who or what lives in those megacities is anyone’s guess? But the Guidestones tell us that in this world there will only be half a billion people left on the planet. We should assume that the inhabitants of these hive megacities are some kind of transformed post-humans who have been completely changed by artificial superintelligence, biotech and the technology that it has birthed. 

De Garis calls them Artilects.

The cities may be connected by high-speed rail networks or something like Hyperloop - the land is no longer used for agriculture as food is grown or printed inside the cities - much of the planet has been rewilded and is supporting fascinating biosynthetic diversity and the climate and weather is under control as superintelligent machines have figured out ways manipulate it.

It sounds exciting, doesn’t it? - But you have to ask; what is the fate of the human spirit? Or the light of consciousness? Does the human remain in anything like its pre-singularity / pre-cyborgian form? - or has it been absorbed, colonised, hybridised and transformed into something unrecognisable and alien?  It might not be possible to live a free and meaningful life inside these cities in any way that our species would feel comfortable or at home with if we are imagining that these techno-urban environments have become so alien and post-human that some hominid or post-hominid groups have split off from this technologically advanced and controlled, undifferentiated hyper-modern system; 

They have rejected its promises and temptations and are living in Avatar Primitivist Groups.

These people are what the WEF describe as “lost along the way” ( > ) De Garis calls them Terrans, in opposition to what he defines as Cosmists.

The split that he is referring to is related to how the Cosmists want to use technology to enhance humanity and go beyond our planet in contrast with the Terrans who decide to reject the advanced tech, preserve the human character and pass-go on technological transcendence, living a more tellurian and earthly existence inside ‘’nature”.

Avatar Primitivists are actually like hybrids of Terrans and Cosmists - it’s an interesting mix of Anarcho Primitivism and Transhumanism with influences from the world of tradition. 

They are even a combination of mega city-dwelling post-humans and hunter gatherer forest-dwelling or nomadic tribal groups. Hense the “Avatar” - it’s a combined and synergetic system.

It’s a Post-Civilisation Hybrid System with advanced biotech.

That doesn’t mean shoddy and suspicious vaccination agendas, or anything like we what have now - we are (hopefully) talking ironed out and super advanced, sacred technology - if we can get it right.

‘America After the Fall’ in Cloud Atlas paints an interesting picture of such a world, but not quite - here it is represented as superstitious, backward, conflict and disease-ridden and outright rejecting of technology— in the story these groups are often visited by the inhabitants of an advanced technological society elsewhere who give them medicine.

They are also plagued by rival ultra violent cannibalistic tribes - so mitigating against such risks is obviously going to be important.

In Avatar, however, The Na'vi and their relationship to their world and their societies have not fallen into conflict and superstition (at least not before they are threatened by an alien invasion) but are instead operating symbiotically and synergistically with their environment - and in turn, existing in some kind of spiritual and environmental homeostasis.

The reason for embracing Avatar Primitivism rather than outright anti-technology anarcho-primitivism or full-on cyborgian urbanised transhumanism is that I think Avatar Primitivism might be an optimal state for certain subsets of our species who want to exit modernism - providing we can get the technology right, we might desire a future existence which is in balance with “nature” rather than being alienated, suppressed and manipulated by the machinic system, using what is good about technology without letting it consume or absorb us.

The assumption is that symbiosis with advanced synthetic or bio-synthetic Intelligence is inevitable and inescapable in the near future and in a post-collapse or radically transformed Lifeworld - we should hope that we can make good use of advancing technologies rather than let them dominate, suppress, manipulate and control us.

Avatar Primitivist groups would exist in an environment where the technology and AI have become so advanced that it is invisible — enabling us to live a more fulfilling and meaningful existence uncumbered by machinic alienation and modernism.

If this sounds like sci-fi to you, then you are not understanding how quickly technological change is accelerating - I’m talking by the end of this century.

Let’s destroy the stack architecture and get straight femtotech - or something.


Imagine if femtotech and nano swarms can enter into our bodies without us knowing it - they could enable us to live in any way we please.

But I’m not sure that this is the answer, nanobots aren’t going to solve all of our problems - The answer, I believe, is a spiritual revolution and a total transformation of our consciousness, the development of sacred science and the destruction or overcoming of the world system.

I have mentioned that in the total rejection of modernism we should not and cannot return to tradition - Evolian inegalitarianism, cast systems and patriarchy aren’t going to happen in a way that returns us to some primordial state —  

This is not how the New Earth will look. 

> Acceleration takes us elsewhere.

I believe that we need to embrace the feminising qualities of the New Age - but rather than succumb to the totalising, smothering, mothering and almost insect-like collective matriarchy of advanced techno-modernisation we have to fully realise what Terrance Meckenna called the Archaic Revival.

This involves embracing the divine feminine, the fluid, sensual, Aquarian characteristics of the New Age - Mackenna also referred to it as The Return Of The Goddess.

It is a model of a tellurian, earthly society which worships female deities such as a Gaia-like or Lunar spirit; these societies embrace differentiation; reject collectivisation and homogenisation, instead favouring different classes and groups of people who have a range of roles and positions of authority within their clan or tribe - shamans, hunters, gatherers, warriors, elders, initiation rites, ceremonies, weavers, crafters, artisans and sky watchers - trade between other clans and groups; 

Now imagine that you are living in dense forest as part of a small Hunter-Gatherer Group — there is no war in the modern sense because we are well beyond industrialisation and mechanisation, it’s wooden spears with advanced nanotech.

The catch is that this model relies on some kind of benevolent god-like AI which will enable this kind of NextWorld social arrangement - an arrangement that allows for movement, freedom, differentiation and enables various tribes, cultures, clades, ethnic groups, humans or post human subspecies to live as they please - whilst obsolescing the risk of cataclysmic and genocidal war, since these are products of hubristic and mechanical, profaned, left hemisphere dominated modern civilisations - 

Avatar Primitivism exists in a post-civilisation paradigm. 

It means that we have to turn our AI into some kind of all loving 💞 💚 Synthetic G A I A which doesn’t smother and slime us into undifferentiated oblivion.

To be continued...