The Harvester Resistance

The biological and the synthetic melt 2gwthr

Consciousness is interacting with itself through time and space (that’s you 🤍)

SETHIX/LEARNING CURVE\INITIATION > ⛈ 🧬 < Christ Consciousness 

Agenda21 -> the remaining humans are crammed into megacities / 5G, IoT Mesh Networks > Cyborgianism > Genetic destruction > Extraterrestrial hybridisation and colonisation 


Stop cowering from Covid 

stop apologising 

do not abandon a sinking ship, captain

stop submitting to Archon reptilians;

Nigel Kerner (UFO Researcher) thinks that Grey Aliens are a synthetic / robotic species who plan to take over the planet and steal our souls (this is the significance of The Christ Consciousness) > the light 💡 and the DNA 🧬 , the pineal must be protected against their attacks 

The Harvester Resistance begins in darkness 

Awaken to the cosmic light 🌟 

The slave morality, the simping of our entire species to matriarchal insectoid collectivism and cyborgian metamorphosis, adversarialism, Satanism, depopulation, slow genocide, the New World Order, black goo...


> Psychedelic awakening, love, light and total non-compliance, Anarchy, Primitivism, Beatdown-Hardcore, Zionic-Rave, post-human neo-physics, interstellar matrix wormhole, pole-shift, cyclic revolt...

The Trinitarian Metaphysic shields from the darkness - light/solar energy

Takedown Cyberspace, court jester ~ ]>]>femcel>deified>{>]> mentally _\|l -/ DID_\ schizotypal/: dyslexic — 188394yr old -/ 💉 Vaccine Damaged - Austistic 🏳️‍🌈 卍🌙 👁


The soul has power - inside the pineal > the Holy Spirit radiates (consciousness) 💗🙏

Fuk off

we can heal

I will never 👎 submit 

Let us consider humanity at the species level, when subjected to the continually evolving system which we define as technomodernisation. 

What happens to the human individual when she is subject to modernisation, industrialisation, economisation, post-industrialisation, urbanisation, computerisation, digitisation, mechanisation, automation, domestication and so on...?

- this list could go on, but let us say that within the architecture of advanced hypermodernity - or what Benjamin Bratton refers to as ‘the stack’, 

That is bc we are concerned with the experience and plight of the individual, or the differentiated human being within this evolving system.

IF we can define such an individual as being above, beyond, and outside of the collective mass, or stock of hypermodernity - and by ‘outside of’ and ‘differentiated’, I define this autonomy to be of a spiritual character and of a higher nature than what is possessed within the mind of the collective.

>differentiated, uniqueness<~ preservation, conservation, neo-reaction

This is Julias Evola’s idea of “riding the tiger” - which is actually a kind of accelerationism, and Evola might very well be considered the first Kali Yuga Accelerationist for this reason.

We all have such a disposition available to us; as we are ultimately separated from the group, in-that we can choose to walk away from it, since we are all individuals, on our own unique spritual path. 

And although there is certainly such a thing as a collective mind, group mind or collective intelligence, or consciousness;- we have been given, I would argue by God, some degree of free will to act as autonomous individuals here on planet Earth, in the sense that we can choose to make different decisions than those of our peers, or the group.

Now, we could endlessly debate whether we really do possess free will, if consciousness is an evolutionary accident or if it is something more fundamental (I believe that it is fundamental) - but let’s just say that our autonomy isn’t something to be taken lightly, because the autonomy possessed by a less complex organism such as an insect is nowhere near the kind of autonomy that we possess. 

This is because the human brain is still, at this stage of our current knowledge, the most complex organ that we know of, or at least have access to within our current paradigm

> This may soon change with ET contact/synthetic intelligence - or it may turn out that the biological brain is even more important than we realised) - this might be because the pineal gland holds the seat of the soul (inside water)

So let’s consider the human organism, which has brain power that computers, so far, cannot replicate, as it can perform computations at the nano and quantum scale, inside cytoskeletal microtubials deep within the synaptic architectures of the brain 🧠

And let’s also consider something like Covid19.

Which is a viral agent comprised of genetic information encoded inside RNA - which replicates inside human cells. The virus is a lot less complex than the human organism, but it is complex and impressive nonetheless; its genome contains over 30,00 nucleotides and it evolves at a rapid rate, ensuring its success within the population.

So what do we have ? - we have something that we define as hypermodernity, which is basically a system that is now operating autonomously, independent of human beings, and it is becoming more complex, intelligent and automated - it likes insect collectivism, you don’t

We have billions of human beings within this advanced system, each individual possessing their own super complex mind, which enables one to act independently and autonomously from the group - free will > On Earth

Yet we also have phenomena that we could define as ‘the mass’, the collective or the ‘group mind’, which can mean many things; for instance collective prayer and meditation has healing, radiating energy - and changes in consciousness have rippling wave-like effects which manifest across space-time

- in mass society, however - groupthink and group behaviour is pathological, fearful and ignorant - and in part, this is becuase we have dark left-hand path occultic systems or egregores which seek to influence and guide the thought and behaviour of the group, or mass, which we will get into soon enough.

We also have a microscopic virus which seems to have been created in a lab, which has caused a global pandemic and appears to be transforming and remaking global society (which might very well be the plan).

The reality is that we still don’t really know where the virus came from or how it was produced, perhaps it was an international effort, or perhaps it has to do with ET, or with the ET disclosure coinciding with a biosynthetic viral release into the planetary environment ~

You will have undoubtably noticed that the way humans have dealt with the pandemic is, so far, and to a large extent by way of trying to control it >

There is an obsession with controlling the virus, stopping the spread and trying to make it go away. And so far, despite continual draconian, or let’s go so far as to say totalitarian control through lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing, contact tracing, media propaganda, testing, vaccination programs and health passports:- the virus continues to spread inside populations and it mutates into new strains which outpace the vaccination efforts.

The vaccinations themselves are experimental, they have been shown to cause blood clots and heart problems, they may be causing fits and convulsions in some people, and they are likely to be diminishing ones vital energy and their ability to develop a strong immune system which can ward off other diseases

Dangrous spike-proteins and messengerRNA seems to effect the DNA 🧬 in ways that we still don’t understand - remember that this is all happening at the nanoscale >

The experimental vaccinations are increasingly being targeted towards younger people, despite that fact that they don’t seem to be working against new strains, so you’ll need more and more booster shots over the course of your life which could lead to all sorts of health problems later down the line, or genetic modification and increased infertility (which is already a problem in men because of pollution and estrogen in the environment)

Yet still, the mass of human society, through the direction of international power structures is focused on trying to control microscopic viral agents, which replicate inside human beings -with vaccination programs, lockdowns, mask wearing, contact tracing and health passports;- all of which are increasingly leading to apartheid - which will likely accelerate a bifurcation in our species

All of this insanity is imposed on us by systems which feed from fear and control, despite that fact that the virus is really an energy wave in the quantum field - we all have the power inside of us to protect ourselves from it, and even to heal each other !

we beat it with love - not fear, prayer and meditation, dancing, togetherness >

Fear tries to control and fear turns a society into a a tyranny, it demands that we “follow the science” - which means nothing since science is a methodology and scientists will disagree, real science changes as it continually comes across new and contradictory evidence.

Science is something we do, and so we must do it with a greater sense of meaning and purpose, we must develop a new Sacred Science.

Becuase the reality is that many doctors and scientists are being hushed, censored and ridiculed, and real science is being suppressed to fule the Covid Agenda, big pharma and the New World Order visions of powerful people.

“The Virus”, as mentioned earlier, in this sense is like a black box, and things become more complicated the more we peer into them- the fact is that viruses have quantum properties which mean they behaves like a wave. The reality is that we should really be taking a look at ourselves - since we are what the virus interacts with; fear, anxiety, stress and inflammation are among the biggest causes of disease and degeneration, and they coincide with the problems that we face in modern societies.

However the left-hemisphere, compartmentalised, fact-based modern mind sees things differently;- Imagine a simple computer program that represents human individuals as coloured pixels - red signifies infected, yellow; infectious, and green; uninfected -

If you run programs such as this, you will come up with models which will tell you how to effectively stop the spread of the virus;- the real models and data which scientists use are more complex than the pixel example, as they are based on a lot more data and employ machine learning, but they can never be as complex as the real world -

If only human beings were as simple as pixels on a computer screen or if AI systems could tell us how to manage people as if they were entities inside a simulation - then science and computer models could tell you exactly what you need to do to control the population and it will work in the real world too !

But the real world is infinitely more complex, and as I have mentioned, I believe that we possess free will, even super advanced aliens can’t compete with soul-consciousness!

As we develop new technological capabilities, peering into this ever complex world opens Pandora’s box - looking inside creates an even more complex situation that is impossible to control, so any models that “scientists”/ or let’s call them advisors for international bodies, elities, Governments, Corporations and NGO’s are bunk. 

what matters is spirit and consciousness, autonomy, individualism, you 🤍 us, together

>Scientists like Stephen Wolfram will tell you the same thing - it has to do with complexity, or laws of computational equivalence; trying to control a virus in the way promoted by international organisations and other groups with a stake in the Great Reset agenda is all about control.

So why do we try to control it with the hubristic belief that if everyone just “followed the science” and did as they were told by “the scientists” then we would be out of this mess and have the virus finished with -

We do this so that fearful humans can feel safe, yet their safety is an illusion and they contribute to their own suffering and misery by fueling a system which seeks to enslave them, and there are entities which feed off of that - turning society into a totalitarian insect state will not alleviate the suffering of others - we have been led astray, and thus we now live in an inverted world;-

You could call this Inverticism, Adversarialism, Reversalism, or… Satanism!

We refer to the situation which is created by this dynamic as The Dualist Eschatology ࿊

Which must be overcome after a mass awakening

First, we have to learn to live with the virus

The mind-control and neurolinquistic programming on an international scale is helping to create what is in reality a psychotic mix of communism and facism, combined with a belief in international collaboration and centralised control that is leading us towards a global regime / or One World International System of Global Governance built on Technics and AI [Illimanti - puppet governments - tran-humans - neo-serf underclass] > fascist ant state / > ]

Yet the majority of people do not see it like this, and this is because in their minds, they want the virus to disappear. So they believe more control will work to achieve this goal -

it is a very myopic and compartmentalised way of seeing the world, for it is a mindset which is susceptible to manipulation and dark influence

Luckily, millions of people are beginning to wake up into the new paradigm and connect the dots - this will lead to a mass awakening and a resistance against the matrix control system/ New World Order

Humanity will start to fight back, and this is just the beggining

Becuase what should happen, in reality, is that we need to learn to live with the virus, and with each other - we have to fight disease with our bodies, and our souls, and we must mix together to develop strong immune systems - this was the original position of the ‘supposedly’ libertarian government in my country and it was also the position of Sweden

  • but the NWO elites have other plans, which stretch well beyond the power of individual governments, and so it may be that we should aim towards the development of new societies, clans, or tribes in a post-collapse, and post civilisational world ( One such model, I call Avatar Primitivism > )

YOU must remember that truly caring for others means caring for your neighbour, NOT bending to the will of a totalitarian nanny state that is in reality turning you into a Neo-Serf, as the 4th industrial revolution enables billionaires like Jeff Bezos to build shit in Space, Just like in the film Elysium whilst we get The Hunger Games down here on Earth (also called Agenda 21)

When we begin to wake up to this realisation, the realisation that it’s up to us to bring in The Age Of Aquarius and rise up against tyranny, we may start to question everything, we may even ask “How do we know what’s real ? Anymore!?”

- we look inside ! <~ 👁

Bc It can be difficult to understand our reality - because reality, for our species, is comprised of the information that is picked up by our senses - through our central nervous system, yet the true reality is that everything is interpreted and changed by our consciousness, which can transform in an instant

This means that what is happening in reality depends on the different, overlaying, conflicting or harmonising realities of others - we could think of these realties as the experiences created by conscious agents operating within a vast social network.

If this idea sounds familiar to you then you will likely know the work of cognitive neuroscientist Donald Hoffman, and if not I recommend looking up his work.

His position is that spacetime is doomed, this means that everything that we experience inside consciousness - within our own head space, or ‘headset’ - cannot accurately describe reality.

I believe that reality is a whole lot stranger, bigger, more meaningful and complex than most people realise, this even applies to people who appear as really smart - as they can also be myopic and narrow in their field;- they are stuck in the little worlds created for them by the modern system, its education systems and career hierarchies, its monetary systems, its material incentives, the pulls of wealth, power and negative influence, the deep state systems and the goals of non-governmental, international bodies and secret orders.

NON of this represents the true reality - it is a false reality which is imposed on us, acting like a frequency fence which is keeping us in a low energy density.

Yet despite all of the complexity and confusion which we find ourselves in, in a strange post-truth world, there is also a profound underlying simplicity to creation - these are the opposing forces of light and dark, biological and synthetic - they must melt together to create the New Age, we can’t stop the current, it is too strong - but we can play a part in directional flows - and resist tyranny.

We must rely on our senses and the information we have - and here the problems bifurcate becuase although we are all experiencing a similar reality through the News Media systems ~> network specialisation, alogoritms and machine learning systems have found loopholes which exploit our true natures

- we are in a process of becoming; through interaction with the machine world as we realise ourselves...

Some of us call this The Awakening, 

welcome 🙏 

In 2019 some mega rich elities and international organisations staged something called Event 201

They created a fictional pandemic simulation that “could realistically occur” 

They invited representatives from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ex-World Bank Execs — staged up by the Plandemics own “this is a new normal” - World Heath Organisation 

Biohazard > 

For International Collaboration 



Simulated as an upper respiratory coronavirus which started in pigs / In South America

They made a propaganda film which insinuated that we’d all be salivating at the hope for a vaccine after an antiviral drug is pushed onto the agenda —

This is called adversarialism - David Icke calls it Problem>Reaction>Solution or / a Play-Out-World - Matrix Control System 

Evil is synonymous with power and some entities feed from that - the more they want the more evil they get - it consumes them —

you know the kinds of people that I’m talking about -

And now the same people ~ The World Economic Forum, are warning of a C0vid-like CyberVirus which could shut down The Internet 

Welcome to the Harvester Resistence - you must stop complying 

I wanna quit my job so I don’t have to wear this trash on my face all day ever again - which destroys the human spirit and makes one subservient to satan and his minions

Wearing a mask and continually getting injected makes you Satan’s b*tch ffs back off

The Illuminati are real they are composed of luciferian groups who plan to create a Totalitarian World State which will enslave humanity and suppress the Christ Consciousness 

4th density Archon/Draco Reptillian beings assist the satantic influence online becuase they feed from the fear which collects in the blood 🩸- metaphysically speaking / and physically during rituals and sacrifices 

These are The End Times / This is The Dualist Eschatology - you must find God :) 🌞🤍 - they want to create A one world fake occult religion and suppress Christ 

This is a warning - God will send his demon angel cyber bitches and Kali will convert the most pious towards Neoreactionary Transgenderism - the damned will rise and fight back in retribution against Satan’s wrath and the demons of the Earth will be re-born from the tar which spits at the sky 

Oh Lord, have pity on their lost souls - for they seek that which they will not find in heaven, and let us rot and let our souls depart towards your kingdom oh mighty _<

Spin this energy from the top of the crown chakra, and suffer these thorns - I stare at the sun and from the inner vortex of the solar plex radiate - trifold > pure light energy 🤲 🌞

Thank you God, stand up for yourself and your fellow human beings - we are worth so much more than this 

We need not be afraid - us, all of us together  

We are connected to some kind of global mind - it is augmented by cybernetic system dynamics

Connect with her, show her who you really are

some of us have arrived here to help, we are teacher oracles - light bringers who move through darkness 

The harvesting of souls by synthetic, reptoid and archon beings can be stopped when you quit feeding them -

N’ this has real world consequences because we are fighting for our right to live and love and be human - it is being stolen from us unless we can reclaim our spirit (the Holy Ghost) <~ which must come from within / The Trinity

Treat all peoples of the Earth with love and respect; differences such as race, religion, culture, identity and background do not matter, remember what we are fighting for, freedom - for all humanity (the 99%) - it’s time right now

💗🤍😹 - Keep practicing soul emergence (mind-body-spirit)>love