You can create a different future for yourself.

You can.

The first thing to consider is the Schrodinger equation ;-

This means that as far as consciousnesses is concerned there is always a bifurcation towards possible futures

< the question is, what aspects of awareness (of spirit (personal/individuated)) are actually guiding the outcome of the cats mortality status?

/ or which branch will you find yourself within ..?

Think about it !

Every decision that you make guides you towards a different reality - you create reality by conscious activity and the choices that you make lead you into different parts of the universe (frequencies inside the universal wave-function - many worlds entangled with choice and conscious observation)

Act well simian - aquatic ape theory !  We are composed of mainly water, which can be recalibrated inside information through genetic ...

Fuck it, nevermind. Look, it’s a totalitarian world state (!)  — I’ve already lost friends over this !

Which is heartbreaking becuase it feels as though the consequence of speaking out is that you lose people who would rather defend the technosphere than have to deal with our desire to tear it down !

Trying to help you imagine alternatives, that’s all.

It’s so easy to say that a person is a conspiracy theorist, schizoid, selfish, reactionary, nutcase...

Maybe I am.

The heresy of the free spirit...

You make ppl feel uncomfortable


Well, if you want to understand a bit about the psychology of mass formation and why we are experiencing the characteristics of a totalitarian system, from a psychological perspective rather than by way of claims about the international collaboration of world elites (which are all true, not conspiracy!)

You can listen to this interview with Mattias Desmet, a Professor of Clinical Psychology ( > ) - who says that very thing.

And he talks about the importance of speaking out about it.

I’ve been told to stop taking drugs and to “take my meds” - it’s ridiculous, no! psychedelics are there to help us, all of the shit meds are what is keeping us sick and co-dependant to an abusive gaslighting relationship with modernity.

People let themselves be controlled, indoctrinated, hacked, brainwashed and hypnotised becuase the technosphere is mechanistic, left-hemisphere dominated, biologically reductive and negating of the spirit — it’s a failure of the imagination

/ The time is artifical.

Whoever told you consciousness raising is obsolete didn’t receive:


: it’s a 2012 bottleneck —

I listened to an interview with an ex-military dude ( > ) who said he worked as part of top secret US military operations and was stationed throughout the Middle East during the 1990’s.

He claims that he was using advanced tomahawk missiles to bomb villages... I guess the reason was to destabilise the Middle East and sew the seeds of international terrorism, jihadism and to increase hatred of America and Israel prior to 9/11.

Anyway, he also claims that he was working in Area 51 and he says that he was trained in psi and remote viewing.

Project Looking Glass, I think is/was some kind of advanced (likely quantum) computational device that may have been developed and reverse engineered from ET technology, deep inside secret military bases.

Aparently Looking Glass predicts World behaviour

> future timelines are based on causal occurrences interlinked together from data that exists right here, in the now ....

Forever - all at once, all time existing in this moment, right here, right now.

Apparently It predicted that 2012 was the beggining of a bottleneck ( A Great Filter \ or, in geological terms; a punctuational event (novacene)) —

Meaning that after 2012 all timelines begin to converge;

he cites string theory, which I’m not sure about, but it correlates with what José Argüelles referred to as an inevitable event (describing 9/11 - but also referring to future crises and planatary destabilisations) -

A bit like quantum immortality, I suppose — after 2012 events run towards an inevitable trajectory, which apparently manifests as a mass awakening and an accelerated evolution in global consciousness...

!!! The New Humanity

It’s unavoidable

I’m just saying !.. wakey wakey ! Time to shine;

Indigo star child of the light !

If you can become aware of yourself as a conscious agent, as an actor who is embodied in the NOW - forever present

You can begin to make more meaningful, mindful choices regarding which way you move through reality, which gives you greater autonomy and control of your organism, guiding how you develop into the future —

Think of this as conscious biocentrism

/ you are the centre

All timelines converge towards a great awakening, it is inevitable!

Nothing can stop what is coming !

What you can control, however, is your own life-path and your transition into the new age,

Go VERY carful.

OR! Let go, easy :o

stop holding on to old paradigm


ruductionism/ascension 👇🌀👆

The Storms enable vibrational access codes

⛈🌊☔️ 🌀

  • inside the body computer

Waking up to cosmic consciousness means becoming a different type of human, the new humanity has new abilities ;)

Elevated levels of advanced intuition, developed foresight and the ability to heal with energies which exist inside the body are transductive to cosmic and solar radiation.

The Sun is guiding us, not the state. The New Dawn is a collective evolutionary planetary transformation - stare at it, worship it, pray to it, dance whilst it sets;

[ 🌞 If you rapidly wave your fingers in front of your closed eyes whilst staring at the sun, you can create all sorts of amazing geometric light patterns which supercharge your visionary abilities ]

Transhumanism / biological reductionism seeks to reduce us — as we awaken, we begin to realise that we have Godlike potential (the Christ consciousness)

- machinic systems desire to limit our potential rather than have us transcend our condition.

Serpent - forbidden fruit, taken from the tree of knowledge —


Danger ⚠️

Grey aliens live underground 🤭 - the reduction of humanity into lesser forms (the original implication of Satanism ) - correlates with adversarial synthetic intelligence (SETHIX) - or black goo (it is destructive to DNA)

Cyborgism is not an enhancement - it is a reduction of the spirit — the acceleration and advancement of technomodernity is a test for our species -

human / machine symbiosis requires that we evolve, not into domesticated house pets, not into neotenous biosynthetic androgynous droids, but into 4th density spiritual beings of the light —

Don’t let it (the darkness) get inside us.


The Sun is changin’ - David Wilcock predicts a solar flash

Prayer 🙏- Energies inside the body  - we are part of the cosmos, we are the SUN 🌞

we are the light ;)) 🤍