Whatever ☸️

There's a big difference between the Esoteric Right / Neo reaction and Fascism

Socialism / Authoritarianism is Fascism

I'm done 

I don't care what you think 

Masks crush the spirit, vaccines are poison and genetic modification, the Covid app is technological tyranny, testing is inhumane - if you support any of this you support facism

Call yourself a socialist or a communist bc u support this - whatever fascists 

Icke was right | Global Fascist State 

Why doesn’t Thomas H. Burgoyne even have a Wikipedia page since he wrote one of the best and most visionary books on Western Occultism? 

In a free society; The State has no power to lock you down, stop you from working, trading, socialising and moving freely, force you to wear a mask over your face, coerce you into taking experimental vaccinations, or control your movements with tracking technologies — for a lab created virus that kills less than 0.5% of those who get it 

Wake the f up - u call yourselves anarchists, its a joke — I saw only one anarchist there, where are the left ?