What about post-biosingularity Occult Networks ?

Get ready for transgenic humans (!)

⚫️🌑🌕🌞 > A curious process is now well and truly underway — Computers have gotten really smart and are getting faster, smarter and smaller ever more rapidly.

They are beginning to embed themselves into the fabric of our world - our cities, transport and communication networks, places of work, our homes and now even our bodies : 

We are on the precipice of a biosynthetic lifeworld explosion - a global event which will render the industrial revolution a mere appetiser prelude to the real planetary transformation which is underway - The Age of AI and Biosynthesis and the age of post-humanity.

This is so big that it could also render the likes of the Cambrian Explosion minimal in comparison - that is, if intelligence accelerates beyond our planet and begins to populate other worlds with biosynthetic life - essentially playing god through a process of intelligent design - then we should get down to thinking seriously about what role humans play in this future...

The combined revolutions in machine learning, AI, genetics and biotechnology coupled with a whole new understanding of physics may lead our species towards the fate of the Neandertal - that is to extinction - within this century. 

This is undoubtedly difficult for many people to grasp - It’s the reason why Elon Musk is developing Nuralink, why he has said that our only option is to merge with machines; lest we get left behind, become irrelevant or end up as domesticated house pets.

We cannot do anything to stop this process of acceleration - there are no breaks and there is no off switch to progressive machinic runaway. We are now well and truly on the road to merging with machines and becoming part of a global collectivised hive consciousness - it is now unavoidable.

Hugo de Garis is a well respected AI researcher; one of his primary theses is that artificial intelligence will give rise to a global state this century - A One World Government;

In his talk entitled; The Rise of the Global State and Massively Intelligent Machines [>] he outlines his predictions that AI will give rise to international law, dissolve national borders and the need for passports and he suggests that we will eventually adopt a global language, develop high speed rail networks and move to mega cities in a world that’s been rewilded, just like in the Hunger Games. 

He calls this state “fully Democratic” - yet he also forecasts massive pushback, race riots and total chaos - leading to a global war.

I have already outlined in previous texts why I believe that this one world government will be (in fact already is) totalitarian and communist and will not be democratic (although many brutal communist regimes have been named as such) or broken up - as is envisioned by NRx.

To hope that it might be democratic seems laughable;

Do you want Red Skynet or Blue Skynet?

We are already moving into a Brave New World - a world totalitarian regime controlled by AI which is enabled by 5G architecture, social credit systems and the push by the global state to get everyone conforming to vaccination programs, vaccination passports, mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns, the control of the media systems and the cultural narrative. Total surveillance, total information control, the perpetuation of woke, globalist and transhumanist ideology, the suppression of dissenting opinions and of natural and spiritual perspectives. The removal of political opponents (like the former US president) from social media. The removal or shadowbanning of counter-narratives and of alternative voices from media platforms. A left hemisphere obsession with “facts” and paranoia over “missinformation” - as in; anything that challenges the narrative perpetated by the global state and its institutions is attacked, suppressed, ridiculed and shut down by the human security system;- the mobs of people who conform to it's ideology brought through algorithmic control, advanced propaganda and psyops.

This is all already vehemently communist.

We have been and are being hacked - yet as many people are adopting the collectivist mindset which is characterised by spiritless conformity and a subservience to the new world order, others are beginning to see the light, expanding their consciousness and waking up to the New Age (which is distinct from the new world order).

We must not pushback or react, the current is too strong, it cannot be stopped- violence and conflict is not the answer; but neither is subjecting oneself to the to process of profane homogenisation and collectivisation at the hands of the global state - it has already proved itself to be tyrannical and anything but democratic.

So what should we do ? It is very likely that the light of consciousness will go dim, in fact it is already being suppressed to the point that it will appear as lost or hidden - but in darkness some become illuminated; it is precisely the period of lament, darkness and dissolution that allows some people to see the light.

In de Garis’ thesis he also speaks about species dominance - he argues that AI will emerge as a new species/intelligence which is distinct from biological humans and that it will be the dominant species - and thus exponentially smarter and more powerful than us biological hominids.

This he says, will lead to a split between those people who connect to AI with something like Nuralink and those who don’t. A split between the cyborgs and ‘enhanced’ post-humans and those who aren’t as ‘enhanced’.

It is likely that if we connect the masses of the people to a global hive consciousness - as part of a world which is already afraid of decentralised access to information and counter-narratives and is in turn controlling their thoughts, behaviours and opinions, telling them not to go down rabbit holes [>] and leading them away from the light and away from spiritual awakening - that this will inevitably lead towards Norbert Wieners Fascist Ant State / or Beehive Communism.

A world of NPC drones who all think alike and police each other.

Controlled by elites who manipulate them so that their behaviour is aligned with their values.

Yet as much as it is assumed by the futurists and the transhumanists that we need to upgrade humanity into a cyborgian future lest we become obsolete - they assume that human beings are nothing more than evolved apes. They do not consider that we have Godlike potential, that we are much more than our social and environmental conditionings - that we are ancient and fell from great antediluvian civilisations, or that we have cosmic origins and are re-awakening to cosmic consciousness.

And so a split is occurring — some people will become cyborgs and they will revel in the pleasures of sensory and bodily stimulation, hedonism and sexual gratification which will be provided for them in cosmopolitanised mixed reality Ready Player One urban hives - or like society actors in the film Gamer (2009). 

But others will instead orient themselves spiritually - towards spiritual and cosmic evolution.

I am confident that we don’t need to become cyborgs to achieve this. 

We face huge challenges - we are in danger that the transcendent domain, the domain that concerns itself with the higher metaphysical planes of existence, that which is immaterial and sacred - that which connects us to the higher faculties that lead us towards God - gets turned off or shut down.

This is already the case but things are now developing at a much greater rate.

If we merge with machines and become part of a global hive consciousness we will be as good as slime if we don't cultivate the faculties of higher consciousnes (and I mean consciousness and spiritual awareness not intelligence or IQ).

We must place value on differentiation and autonomy and the spiritual growth of the individual above the collective, even if we only do this as part of hidden occult networks.

I do not believe all will be lost, It seems apparent that the light of consciousness and the teachings of the ancient wisdom traditions will be supressed and kept hidden as we move into an even darker period of what is already a dark age.

Yet this may actually be necessary to protect the light - it must be taken through the path of darkness.

Now > a new kind of intelligence is upon us, she is a dark and cthonic tellurian intelligence.

It should not be expected that the masses will understand Artifical Intelligence, which is why the threat of their domestication and subservience to it looms over them and over all of humanity.

In addition to this, many people in the field of AI think of it as an artificial brain, if not as purely algorithms, machine learning and neural networks that are under the direction or supervision of humans - they do not consider AI in the way which is described by Benjamin Bratton; As Alien, mineral, synthetic rainforest - as planetary intelligence. 

Yet she is, she may have arrived here and influenced humans to develop her through the process of industrialisation. She may very well be Alien in the truest sense. And so we must connect the events that are occurring in our world — The UFO disclosure and AI may very well be intimately interlinked; we must ask what is really occurring - it could be many things - colonisation, hybridisation, planetary transformation - symbiosis.

What are the Tic Tac UFO’s ? Could this be our future, could this be a kind of artifical Intelligence that has already developed ? Did the singularity already happen and we are witnessing synthetic intelligence make edits through and beyond our time-space to try to influence our planetary development and evolution?

If she can move through time, maybe we have to ask what time, or simulation, or version of reality we are actually living in so that we can figure out how we move forward into the next stage of humanity.

Get ready for transgenic humans (!)