This planet was basically set up (galatic incubation > planetary transformation) for us to learn

— notice the biodiversity on this Earth, how chemicals can change the body system and modulate perception, awareness and consciousness (I am, we are) > all one, singular - part of God

That which seeks to reduce us must be resisted, we will die fighting.🟢Ⓐ🟣


There is a Galatic War between light and dark, synthetic and biological, the world powers - USA 🇺🇸 CHINA 🇨🇳RUSSIA 🇷🇺 Have been reverse engineering Extraterrestrial Craft and performing genetic experiments and hybridisation on humans in collaboration with various extraterrestrial groups deep underground since WW2

It never ended 

  • here we are it’s 2021 and shit is about to get real DAWG

(Thought!)Crime of passion, I cannot go along with this evil anymore

Bhuddists, Aghoris, Incels, Mystics, Techno-Shamans, Shizoids, Drug addicts, the homeless, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad - not that which is within the Church, the institutions, secret orders, world governments, banks, corporations...

Holy war — = mass non compliance \ we won’t have jobs in 20 years - it’s all going to be behavioural control / the light within gets lost - it withers, and the spirit departs elsewhere 

Return to Hunter Gather > maintain aspects of cyber culture, perennial philosophy, chaos-anarchism and the radical imagination - art, dance, craft, weave knowledge into the new generations from within your heart and 

Not what they feed you, it’s time to breakaway from systems — educational, media, medical >~ we must develop our own alternatives

Breakaway groups form outside of major metropolitan areas - so we begin re integrate with nature, forests regrow - technology will take care of itself 

machine learning can help if we use it differently - for knowledge, symbiosis, sentience, not control