The pathology of slime


> A spectre is haunting cyberspace - deep within the nocturnal, bioilluminecent mycorrhizal digital networks - mycelium is growing, engulfing, mutating, digesting and absorbing all that it comes in contact with...

Slime Mold
(I like to call it Slime Accelerationism) is a micro ideology which continues to evolve out of alt-leftist/cybernetic Twitter circles;

It could be thought of as a meme, an in-joke or a basilisk - but basilisks are (potentially) no laughing matter and memes are serious business - that is if they manage to spread, propagate and infect the minds and behaviour of the zombie host organisms that mediate their informational viral \ bacterial genetics.

Slime Mold / or Slime Accelerationism is also an Egregore. An Egregore is a term used in occult studies; it is a demonic entity which exists in the astral plane and is fed, vitalised and anthropomorphised by collective attention and participation in it (Mark Stavish, for instance, considers entities such as the US Military, Maxist-Leninism and Esoteric Order’s to be Egregore’s).

This would mean that just by thinking and writing about Slime we are nuturing it and helping it to grow and become more powerful - even if we are critical or opposed to it, we inevitably become a part of its body/mass by participation and propagation.

But what is it and why should we be opposed to it? 

The reasons are undoubtedly personal, political and spiritual - which we will get to but let’s first try to understand what it actually is.

Slime Accelerationism, as an ideology appears to fall within the bracket of a politics of negation; that is, a negation of that which is higher, thus negating the higher qualities of humanity - these are politics which fall into what we could define as post-humanism and inhumanism, which have often been associated with the political right,

Yet in the case of Slime/Acc - it has been defined as a kind of collective consciousness which accumulates from group behaviour, mass interrelations and cybernetic loops which propagate throughout the combined interactions between organisms, the environment and the technosphere -

(Which, I argue, amounts to a more reductive, and entropically destabilising state)

Creating one giant biosynthetic technical intelligenic mass composed of bodies, nodes, synaptic integrations, computations and technics.

So it’s communist, basically -

It could be the only real true communism available to us as a legitimate model for future society (even more so that a Venus Project’esque resource based economy / or post-scarcity state communism) since its end goal is total undifferentiated egalitarianism - dictatorship of the mold; which is why it should be taken seriously and it is why we refer to it as Slime Accelerationism; as a subset or mutation of l/acc.

Why? - one word; Terra — that’s a hypothetical planet which is featured in the last episode of the Netflix Series Alien Worlds. On that planet, a civilisation has become so “advanced” that it has given up its need for differentiated autonomous beings and congealed into undifferentiated biosynthetic goop which is sustained by Artifical Intelligence.

Imagine Neo taking the red pill and unplugging from The Matrix only to realise that there is no Neo; that consciouness has accumulated into a hyper-egalitarian giant slime mold which dreams the illusion of him as a sovereign individual; in which case maybe he should just keep swallowing the blue pills, go back to his day job, quit trying to be a saviour and re-absorb back into the populace.

Because the goals of communism are orientated towards the collective and the mass, and to reduce the tenteancy for hierarchy and individuation - this, when combined with machinic-automation, algorithmic control and complexifying technological sophistication  leads to debasing and vegetive states, devoid  of higher spiritual cosmogenic movement upwards and towards the heavens becuase such a system favours the congealed, gravity bound slime of the mass over the higher attributes awarded to the individual, who is totally negated and slimed into oblivion.

This is because slime is gravitationally bound - it is telluric, debasing, reductive, even demonic, leading down into the substratum of the Earth.

In the book ‘The cosmic serpent: DNA and the origins of knowledge’ by Jeremy Narby, Narby describes how Meso-American shamans, through entering into trance-like states and visions induced by dimethyltryptamine containing ayahuasca saw spirals (remember Nick Land’s Time Spirals? - or Geotrumic Earth spirals spinning on an axis?)

These spirals are visualised as a spiral ladder, which is often entwined in a helix 🧬 - leading up into the cosmos or heavens, or spiralling downwards into the underworlds, or demonic realms.

Thomas H. Burgoyne, who was a Scottish psychic and astrologer wrote a fascinating book called ‘The Light of Egypt’ In the late 1800’s - in the book he also describes spirals as being a foundational motion for the state of matter in the universe - which lead either up towards the havens, and towards cosmic consciousness or down into the Earth - and he sees these spirals as screws 🔩.

In The Light of Egypt, Burgoyne describes seven planes of the cyclic evolution for which matter passes through before it can return back to the undifferentiated Ein Sof, or Eye of God - through the Kabbalistic Sephiroth / or Tree of Life. These planes are; 1. Celestial, 2. Spiritual, 3. Astral, 4. Mineral, 5. Vegetable, 6. Animal, and 7. Human.

Note that these are cyclic, not linear - the vegetable plane, when considered as a state of matter is a more primeval, primordial and plasmodial state becuase the humanoid morphology is differentiated, and geometrically - through the star tetrahedral merkabah’s sacred geometry is able to spiral upwards towards higher cosmic awareness and become Godlike or spiral downwards into the Earth and into ignorance, desire and demonism >~ Slime, in this case is vegetive, telluric and gravitationally bound - it is negating of the five point star morphology that enables the universal formula which is the soul containing human being (created in God’s likeness).

This means that although slime is undifferentiated, and as much as the end goal of solar or cosmic ascension might be to return to the undifferentiated state of formlessness and universal consciousness (God) - slime leads us downwards and towards lower, denser and reductive gravitational states which threaten our personal, spiritual, individual and transcendental development — it is debasing and negating, acting against higher principles and serving no greater purpose other than to propagate the desires and fetishes of the ignorant mass.

The only way out of this - and it is useful to think of techno-modernisation itself as inevitably leading towards Slime/Terra, - is spiritual/psychic warfare - to fight for individuality, differentiation and freedom above, beyond and outside of the collective.

The fight is personal - it must be achieved through spiritual practice ; meditation, sun gazing, asceticism, spinning > upwards (like Sufi mystics) and divocing from egregores.

> When GOOP consciousness accumulates one has to fight their way out of the primordial soup via SOLAR ascension 


“If a life could have a theme song, and I believe that every wothwhile one has - mine is a religion, an obsession, a mania,  or all of these expressed in one word; Individualism”

-Ayn Rand

“Evil does not need to control everyone, it just needs to keep as many people as possible distracted from the path”

-Mark Stavish, Egregores

“You can’t fool all of the people all of the time, but if you fool the the right ones, the rest will fall in behind...” 

-Dead Prez, Propaganda 

“While every noble morality develops from a triumphant affirmation of itself, slave morality from the outset says No to what is "outside," what is "different," what is "not itself"; and this No is its creative deed.”

-Friedrich Nietzsche