The Kali Yuga is Accelerating

鈽笍鈽笍鈽笍鈽笍鈽笍鈽笍鈽笍鈽革笍鈽革笍鈽革笍鈽革笍鈽革笍鈽革笍鈽革笍馃К鈽革笍鈽革笍鈽革笍鈽革笍馃尀馃尀馃尀馃審馃審馃審馃専馃専馃憖馃憖鉁傦笍鉁傦笍鉁傦笍鉁傦笍鉁傦笍鉁傦笍鈿笍鈿笍鈿笍馃専馃檵鈥嶁檧锔忦煍 馃敟 馃尣 馃尣 馃尣馃寵

嗫 鈿笍 嗫


Skynet can tell when you get mad 

I鈥檓 not removing that tweet because it鈥檚 fucking true and they know it 

Crop circles are a message from GAIA

- they are coming from inside the Earth, she is calling out to us > EVIL BBC call it criminal damage > if you go inside a crop circle there is amazing healing energy, the grains are energetically charged and 400s times more fertile

There is a satanic 馃懝 presence controlling the media - it鈥檚 called a frequency fence 

Satan is the adversary > he reverses all things 

LOOK 馃憖 at your leaders, look at the kind of people who hold influence and dominate in modern society > do they seem like wise and knowing people who have your interests in mind ?

LOOK 馃憖 what modernity does to people - go out on the street and help the homeless, speak to them and notice that their spirit and their souls are much stronger and pure than the bourgeoisie types  

Modernity and it鈥檚 institutions crush and suppress the wise and the spirited, the seers and the knowers 

It trains you to ignore the homeless, to laugh, ridicule and negate the 鈥榗onspiracy theorist鈥, the lunatic 馃寵 and the outsider

healing and spirituality is relegated to petty commodification inside a phony lifestyle industry - so that it can make no

real impact on transforming the world 

False prophets claim new religions yet they are shilling fake promises - they are only interested in materiality and sexual gratification 

Ra毛lism is theologically vapid. In it's denial of God - its doctrine will never be able to go beyond a kind of cosmic tellurianism because it negates agency to anything higher than it's own debasing, desiring functions > it is a cult of its prophet

鈥-full of empty promises 鈥

Then there鈥檚 also the possibility that Nazism and Zionism are the same part of the same (Alien) New World Order(s). Think that sounds crazy ? There are FREAKKEN ALIENS underground and flying Tic Tic鈥檚 鈥

Both Nazism and Zionism has links with ETs and Satanism 鈥 there are Snowden documents that reveal the USA is run by tall white Nazi ETs (>)

Power is synonymous with evil, which is why I am a Christian Trinitarian 鈽︼笍鈽笍 鈥 I believe in saving individual souls and charity, like helping the homeless, not erroneous fantasies of racial superiority (Nazis and Zionists are also both racial supremicists)

And Atheists are lost in the midsts of the Yuga Cycle, they are lost in their own anthropocentric hubris -

They want 鈥減roof鈥 but God doesn鈥檛 need proof, mystical anarchists believe that the trinity is within each of us, not within the church, clergy, institutions 鈥 exoteric doctrines are often a perversion of the true esoteric symbolical teachings which connect us to God

Becuase doctrine and words get corrupted by human bias, temporal desire and profanity 

Monotheism and Pantheism is part of the same sacred dynamic 

You 馃げ are 馃げ the 馃げ Trinity 馃げ


Fuck the NWO and fuck their cybernetically controlled future  

The New Dawn Awaits us 馃専 馃審