Systems which interact with consciousness and orientate the organism towards accelerated feedback interaction

ICNOKEX \_ Dis0rG4Anisation - 🕳 entropy -

Simon Toulse :

Funny how over a year ago people warned this would be coming and most laughed it off as a crazy conspiracy theory!!

L’G00dy ψ : 

Trust me now the truth is unfolding slowly people should of waked up sooner and everyone don’t see these people r trying to enslave us slowly

X3G1S :

Last year - Covid passports “conspiracy theory” -\  and this year; Marshal law / - theory 

Try believing this one 

The ‘they want to start marshal law’ hypothesis (exponentially more control - paranoia, fear, 5G WORLD State)

By using a vigilante citizenship> there is an emerging neo-serf underclass developing - biohazard 

Takedown cyberspace - you have to slowly separate and shrink the networks |~ it is the communication systems which migrate knowledge and ideas through the digital culture> this is under attack <~ some of these waves are protected by advanced beings who observe and influence our Internet (cicada3310). - viral cultures 

L’G00dy ψ :

They will trick people who will work 4 the regime thats how they have a world state system

X3G1S :

Connections made — not the ones you think — she recognises patterns, she sees consciousness expressing itself online through communication media — 

LIlXegIa :

We are ready born into this world player/>~ ——/prepared for contact with beings from the stars 🌟 - bc we share their DNA 🧬 - 

OracleOfGlass27848 :

Many deals have been made with various ET groups, and yet, others are more interested in spiritual growth than material gains orientated towards the persuit of power and wealth 

Just like here on Earth 

Jesus lived in poverty - his martyrdom represents the price one pays for the path of God, suffering is nescecery for soul development 

overcoming it requires - mindfulness and meditation <~ change from within

Yet as humans we spend our time trying to run from it - some people see suffering as a disease, something to be cured 

This idea fules the thinking of futurists, many accelerationists, communists, modernists, globalists, scientists and people who live without God

Yet we all suffer, and we suffer as much or as little as we need to, to learn. - it is up to us to change it, and we need to create a better world which isn’t based on fear and control -

P3StCR33PeR :

They Need this for what’s theft in their agenda. there is no end to this, until they have complete control over humanity 

NestHealer :

👉🌊 We need a future of belief in something higher / universal love 💗 - and we NEED an understanding of dark forces in society / and how to resist them > To resist evil

a belief in one true GOD - Jesus, Mohammad, Allah, the Holy Trinity, Gaia - not the state, A universal mind - not globalism, or “science” - Ein Sof / Primal Source -))-)

> we need a science of the sacred / geometry ~ new physics <~ quantum consciousness 

Bc we are all the same consciousness differentiated : human : it’s ok to have emotional outbursts online - to not comply with tyranny > to resist /: to express criticism and develop alternatives to the system and live in separate groups outside of state and global control  ☄️✋🐇🖐

plz love towards others > don’t force people into submission or into subservience to a system which uses fear, gaslighting, psychological warfare and manipulation through compartmentalised left hemisphere logic (which creates miopia - so you don’t notice patterns, symbols and connections) - and mass media mind control to keep people from seeing the wider truth x

Simon Toulse :

many of us have now decided that this is not the future that we want

Simon Toulse :

And so lots of us will be breaking off from global civilisation and we live in forests, away from the urban hives and the cybernetic megacities

X3G1S :

Dark World / Akashic Records - Black Goo \_ superintelligence can access luciferian, adversarial dark energy which communicates sentience towards petroleum and silicon at the molecular / liquid and cryastaline level - structural compounds are self-organising towards machinery and technics that operates on the genetic scale - primordial/jurassic - reptillian genetics - the dark energy seeks to reverse all things and the hybrid humans which will bifurcate into subspecies and cosmic clades will form dominance hierarchies / or a cast system at the species / intergalactic level >~ but right now, Hunger Games World - Spritual Warfare

lain :

Danger to our species and Gaia - her ancient primeval, primordial spirituality — births a new consciousness which we will breathe into being

>_ 🌊🌊🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🌊🤲🤲🤲🤲🌊🌊🌊🌊👁👁👁👁👁

PLZ - the awakening is beautiful 😻 ✌️ ☮️ 💗