Synaptic -))/integration of the Neurocore \|>\>

//: a fun thing to do would be to categorize people based on personality metrics found in metadata and then section them off into small network bubbles via a kind of algorithmic apartheid

and then when the time is right, connect opposing nodes from across differentiated networks - this creates a kind of synaptic, novel interaction which has chaotic affects on the geoscape

it ripples throughout the fabric of cybertime and people start getting confused

thats a way to predict behavior, trends, cultural flows - and its an inversion of the idea of an influencer

meaning the biggest influencers have little or no cultural value and the real cultural value is milked from the undercurrents via shadowbanning and segregated, hidden memetic replications which happen in secret or undercover

when it keep popping up "who to follow : the NSA" DOES THAT MEAN ur Special?

and based?

or queer, shizoid?


psyops are integrated

oooooh i need my meds, better take my meds lol ::)))

the whole arrangement of technomodernity becomes a cultural prosthesis > cyborgianism eats you, reduces you and discredits the innate character of the self

the monetary system obsolesces into social credit > collective cultural value predominates and through personality metrics, ego-reductionism and the loss of soul identity - a new creature is born out of the bio waste . k-pulp

Collectivity is a disease and modernism is pathogenic - it is correlated with insect networks, an undifferentiated mass, slime cultures, hive consciousness and gravity > ignorance < Katabasis

Network Conflation - it’s a real thing

Hybrid / specialising - dynamic, nodes > synaptic integration of the neurocore

When GOOP consciousness accumulates one has to fight their way out of the primordial soup via SOLAR ascension

Network conflation - organisational structures assimilate inside k-space > that’s machine code, you learn _ she learns - the new humanity is a biosynthetic prosthesis

Hense there is a feedback loop operating within the cybertime crisis of late capitalism

We need to think about fallout (hot) cultures and the next phase of the K-war

Humanism isn’t humanism it’s Trinitarian, because the Human morphology is connected to the God Complex - metaphysically, spiritually, it is geometrically assembled towards higher principles

You have to embody inside the lifeworld

That means conflict - suffering a death > rebirth

What happens to civilisations when they gain the means and capability to transform and synthesise the genomic code ?!> hubris, decline, collapse > rebirth

Our modern godless society places emphasis on hubristic technological transcendence over esoteric/exoteric spiritual practice - it aspires to automate and nanny us into domesticated, hyper-egalitarian slime mold (Terra) -

Changes in conscious awareness accelerate 



We are in a universe where time is flowing backwards > retrocausal influence (timeloopism) - works cybernetically because events that exist in the now are residues from the not yet >

thats how you grow into full being, bring forth what is within you, that which you do not yet realise is realised though unconscious activity

> Network, Timeline > Cyber tunnels, Meridial Earth Grid, feedback, convergence, symbiosis

becoming is intertwined

Hot cultures - meltzones - flows > the slow orgasm of world birth 

Queen mother 

Aquarius her child is illuminated and perfect