regarding the cycles of civilisation, previous lost and advanced knowledge : multiple cosmic clades of humans -

The governments will not acknowledge ET becuase when the others arrive they will ask:demand -- to be treated as gods/kings; they are inter-dimensional beings 

/Quetzalcoatl is quadrafold (androgenous-lizard-bird-hybrid) 🦎 🐦

They manifest in multiple dimensionalities

Jesus is a universal formula 

Twin snakes entwined - the knowledge is embedded within the infomatrix of the double helix / kundalini rythem sequence \ genomic code - phenonix spin up (rise) / spin down katabase (fall) <~ helix <_ rope ladder sky bridge holy thorn spirit vine 

this is just another planet / cycles -- // technological hubris, its not that cool

Lipid-Nanoparicles attack the DNA Pathogen Lab created BioWar 

God spirals 

cycles unfold at all levels of spacetime undulation, viviMAX (wavefunction)

cybernetics is written into the interactions which you are already experiencing inside the LifeWorld <+ the computers are only here to teach you that (which you already know)

it goes deep

THINGS HAPPEN IN REVERSE ,- fractal, geoscape 

inside cybertime < normies listen, we behave differently;- new asymmetrical, clustered and polytopic hierarchies and rapid signal interactions morph the planetary consciousness (that’s us - change is here)

Micro-Biological-Nanotech Energy Harvest frequency shift