Oh OK its Collectivized Matriarchal Slime Communism!

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This text concerns speculations regarding what kind of mass society (on a global scale) or system we are entering into >

This I have speculated on elsewhere, yet here I'd like to try and bring some of the main themes together.

It’s famously difficult to predict the future but the societal trends that I see emerging are as follows;

Feminization and Matriarchy

Collectivisation and Global Communism

Algorithmic Governance and Tech Totalitarianism

...Coupled with the advancing subjugation and suppression of spirituality, tradition, individual sovereignty, the obsolescing of masculinity and of the masculine character (which is already well underway, but is now accelerating exponentially).

These trends run counter to movements such as NRx (Neoreaction). But NRx also appears to orient itself towards a kind of meta-modernity rather than return to any primordial or anti-modern traditional state. Instead it appears to desire some kind of arrangement that upholds a conservative, free-market version of modernity in its capitalistic and patriarchal forms; albeit combined with anti-democratic, libertarian and neo-feudal arrangements, corporate microstates, atomization characterised by decoupling and fragmentation over collectivism and totalising communism.

Slavoj Žižek has stated that we will either get world communism or jungle lore; since NRx has already been covered by its proponents - I am focusing on what world communism might look like.

(Note: that I maintain that I am an Anarchist and would prefer the jungle lore over Beehive Communism and NRx!)

World totalitarian communism is actually the more #Accelerated outcome; NRx is conservative, so I'm willing to bet that the state which we are moving into is going to be of the communist type.

(also Note: I do not think this means capitalism disappears - it's looking as though it will be a combined-hybrid system)

I have called this state;

Beehive 🐝☭ Communism because I believe that it has insectile characteristics. 

This is for three reasons; 

The first is influenced by Norbert Wiener and his term “Fascist Ant State”; where he is (no surprise) concerned with cybernetics and the danger that human beings may be reduced to mere drones operating within a system vastly more complex than they are, in turn losing their autonomy in the process of automation and thus working for the greater collective - the hive.

The second is related to the UFO reality and the process of UFO disclosure; I am willing to bet that there are extraterrestrial agendas that correlate with advanced insect and/or reptilian-like intelligent systems of organisation _ characterised by hive-like socio-technological systems and royal matriarchal arrangements; Alien Queens and collectivised consciousness - we may be in a process where we are being colonised and taken over by an alien new world order…

Like, what do you think they are up to? - There are real UFOs, it's not that far fetched.

The third reason is that the acceleration process is most likely bringing us towards a type 1 civilisation, which we may reach by the end of this century or by the beginning of the next; that's quick! But it's acceleration! - A type 1 civilization would likely be operated by global algorithmic governance in the form of AI, it would need to function as a totalizing world system rather than as a fragmented, unequal and atomized patchwork operation; this is what The Venus Project, featured in the Zeitgeist films has called a ‘resource-based economy’.

We all know that liberal democracy is on its way out, that it isn't a sustainable arrangement for the future, elections are already influenced by AI and algorithms; the bewildered herd is manipulated in whichever way those with power desire...So it's hardly democratic anyway. 

The primary concern, then, regards what kind of system we are moving into and what we want the future to look like. It is part of the bigger picture that is interwoven with our current divisions, culture wars and our existential and spiritual crises - we are told that we should be worried about the pushback and reaction which is formulated as nationalism and right-wing populism; the reactive pushback is real; it's a threat since extremism and violence is a danger but those dangers exist elsewhere too.

The rise of the populist right is a mere temporal reaction; right-wing populism, like radical Islam and other such reactions are weaponised by the media and political systems so that we don’t see the bigger picture which relates to global agendas and interests from many groups; realating to cosmological transformations which change every aspect of our lives — what it means to be human : AND thus right-wing populism will not be actualising itself as the new world system.

It’s obsolete,

Side effects | you and I both know that. 

What will dominate is Globalism, “Neo-liberalism” that annoying term> which will combine and hybridise itself with tech-dictatorships; Build Back Better, Great Reset; you own nothing! Useless Neo-serf! Totalitarian Communism, Mega Cities - Urban hives.

Here I am left with no choice but to commit career and social suicide (it's not like I have a career or social life these days anyway) and bring in Evola. Evola is usually only mentioned outside of fascist circles with criticism and scorn. But I'm bringing him up here, not because I support fascism or his views on gender and race - but because he has some interesting things to say about the subject of collectivisation and matriarchy and its relationship to modernity. 

Here’s a quote from Revolt Against the Modern World (p153);

“The former aspect concerns beings who do not go beyond the empirical and ordinary life. In these beings the collective predominates, both as law of blood and stock and as law of the soil. Even if the mystical sense of the region to which they belong is awakened, such a sense does not go beyond mere “tellurism”; although they may know a tradition of rites, these rites have only a demonic and totemic charter and they contribute to strengthening and renewing rather than overcoming and removing, the law by virtue of which the individual does not have a life of his own and is thus destined to be dissolved into the subpersonal stock of his blood. Such a stage may be characterized by an almost communist, and at times even matriarchal social organization of the clan or the tribe.” 

Now, we can use Evola here to provide some hope and insight into this predicament, which now seems inevitable. And I maintain that this hope and insight refers to his perspectives on spirituality and personal sovereignty and does not concern his radical inegalitarianism.

Later in Revolt Against The Modern World Evola brings up the spiritual aspects of such a system - this concerns the spiritual/traditional potentials of matriarchal collectivism. If such a system is unavoidable, which I think it is, perhaps learning some lessons from the primordial traditional spirit is the only option to inoculate us against totalising, undifferentiated slime communism devoid of the holy ghost ---- as in, if spirituality gets edited out, like Yuval Harari has warned it could; then that would suck for spiritual people who value autonomy and differentiated goals; humans, in other words.

“...concerning the meaning of the primordial regality and the relationship between regality and priesthood, it is possible to see that the type of society ruled by a priestly class and yet dominated by “feminine” spirituality…

...This type of society tends to be dominated by a gynecocratic lunar spirit or by Demetrian form, especially if it is oriented towards the ideal of mystical unity and brotherhood” (p217)

Evola also describes how many members of this feminine priestly class were, to use modern woke language - trans, since they were assigned male at birth yet were identifying as women, or at least dressing in female clothes and socialising in a feminine way.

Why is this interesting and relevant? It’s interesting and relevant because there are undoubtedly feminizing qualities to the acceleration process and the New Age we are currently entering - having a connection with the lunar and telluric cults described by Evola.

If we are entering an even darker phase of the yuga cycle; If Kali Demonism is accelerating and we cannot return to primordial tradition then we should cease reacting like the right-wing populists - we must remove and divorce ourselves from the partisan and divisive paradigms.

And if we don't want to end up as undifferentiated, spiritless technoslime; If we don't want to live in an oppressive state of totalitarian insect communism either…

Then we must embrace such spiritual, esoteric and occultic primordial knowledge; which is suppressed and hidden from academia, institutions and media systems. 

/FEMIPLOSION > we have to combine the traditional occult knowledge with ….whatever it is we are entering into...

The Biosinguality - Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis and others expect we will be human-machine hybrids by 2030. Nuralink is already advancing rapidly; A monkey can now play Pong with a chip in its brain and advanced Biotech is about to get real - if the slime communists have their way, AI might eat us up or mutate us into undifferentiated, neotenous, androgynous alien grey like beings; because differentiation is soooo oppressive! 

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