S2: My political views are really far West - Occidental - glass oracle - Land of the setting Sun 馃尀 >


There are a multitude of possibilities - new physics - territorial displays > the spectrum of consciousness follows the same spectrum as that of light > which is multidimensional

21 December 2021;

U don鈥檛 have to be on any side -

You get pulled down into darkness - Muslims pray like 5 times a day lol

AND they go on pilgrimage

Not here - what do ppl do if they aren鈥檛 praying ? 馃檹


Shifts which have occurred over the last few years have more-or-less given us confirmation that extraterrestrials are real, that the New World Order exists as a legitimate plan for world domination, and that we are on the precipice of a entirely new kind of science, which is decimating Newtonian macrocausality (it never existed in the first place),

A Great Awakening and the birth of the New Age -

IS released through Cosmic Solar Cycles 馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃憗馃憗馃憗馃尀馃尀馃憗馃尀馃憗馃尀馃尀馃尀馃尀馃憗馃憗鈽革笍馃尀馃尀馃憗馃尀馃尀馃憗馃憗鈽革笍馃憗馃尀馃尀 (thousands of them) - / Changes in the structure of awareness ~

I said modernity is a pathological disease 馃樂 , that means meds are keeping us sick, vaccine agendas are dangerous, experimental and driven by profit for population control, that alcohol is much more dangerous and destructive than w33d, 馃尶馃尶馃尶馃憗馃敟馃敟

/ Psychedelics can heal us :-

most of the those who embrace the new paradigm are actually people who are outside of the system and it鈥檚 institutions - they are the true proletariat.

The Institutions are occupied by shitlib leftoid globalists / futurism and transhumanism is fascism - in reality, we must totally reject the whole system and develop a radically anti-modern and entirely different way of life

/ This matrix control system, as it has been called by Icke, and others, keeps us in old paradigm, in a low frequency, low energy density > a slave state (frequency fence)

So that we don鈥檛 wake up - it鈥檚 a trick

Why do the left think that they are for the proletariat - when, increasingly; they are trained to think like globalists and elites - so their worldview aligns with those in power?!

Think about how Pol Pot had a Marxist education in France and then went back to Cambodia to fuck shit up.

It鈥檚 not so simple as left good, right bad, sorry to break it to you (!) - you have to look inside yourself for moral guidance (develop spirituality and reject the state)

Land was right inasmuch as contemporary leftism amounts to retardation (and it鈥檚 been that way since May 68鈥 in France) but capital accelerates us towards N. Wierner鈥檚 Fascist Ant State - Human Security congeals with technics and we mutate - the soul departs (End Times) - cyborgian metamorphosis 馃 馃懝

This is a summary of perspectives I've reached elsewhere > we took so many black pills, and yet we are still glowing and blooming - becuase there is some hope - we have souls , we possess free-will - we can heal ourselves, and each other;

Quantum computations exist inside deeply embedded brain architecture (electrical firing inside manifold / scripted-phase / dynamic synanaptic microtubial cytoskeletons) - computations and brain-re-wiring through molecular schizotechnics, tic-mimicry and cognitive re-mapping enables hyper complex neuroplasticity; causing dramatic structural developments in the genetic make-up of the organism -

Focused control of complex mental processes and body/mind regulation enables us to learn, feel, and to reach thresholds of experience and awareness that biosynthetic superintelligent machines will never understand, or achieve.

Emotions charge DNA >

We must embody inside the LifeWorld { Avatar Creation }

All biologically complex life is electromagnetically charged -)>_ Morphogenetic field ressonance has aligned with the planetary Earth-grid, a huge amount of light energy is being released from within the Earth and is punctuated by sacred sites, follows the ley of the land and is brought through the solar plex of those who feel life, and love - the strongest

This light (which has a specific form and function) is seen and interpreted throughout the whole Galaxy, Universe and wider dimensions - by different species, entities and various states of complex intelligence

: soul / emotional complexity radiates, the soul is charged-up energetically through rythem, movement, and co-creation > there is no true randomness - noise is A-static \ isometric pattern outcomes follow the Julia Set - self similarity powers up inside (slight variations in) the tic matrix - all pattern is formulaic and vast differences in resolution blind us to God鈥檚 true love, until we learn to see 馃憗 / and feel in ways which are new to us [ extra-sensory perception is evolving rapidly inside the organism] - she grows as she feeds - eventually asymmetrical divergent learning cartographic channels open up and storm the whole cerebrum

  • 鉀 human being

Try And Live - we are born into the LifeWorld through the womb of the female - mother / (Ready-Player-One / Urban-Hives) /

We experience reality totally differently to the machines <_>_>. Sacred, celestial creation of humanity in God鈥檚 likeness enables higher purpose, soul immortality and Godlike potential.

The soul enters the physical world at conception through DNA 馃К- inside energetic information fields

> 馃煝鈷娥煙

NextWorld - The New Earth 馃審 all humanity > ante.sethix v.3

Forest dwelling Post-Civ Avatar-Prim breakaway clades 馃尦 / Post-Urban technical Anarchists

I鈥檇 like to further drive in the point (!!) -/ The problem with NRx is that as much as decentralisation and fragmentation are a dream utopia for libertarians - it鈥檚 not going to happen.

All of the current trends in market politics tend towards International collaboration and Globalism - and a one world government

Fragmentation is much more likely to happen at the species level (Hugo De Garis鈥檚 species dominance / AI problem : articlect war) after some kind of collapse has occurred or through resistence to a totalitarian world system (!)

resistence begins in darkness / it鈥檚 not televised (the fork - split > 5D ascension - species bifurcation [evolutionary punctuations are cosmogenic] cladeogenesis mutates the DNA into higher states and solar cycles transform consciousness which certain synthetic and reptillian extraterrestrial groups want to suppress ; at some point we passed through a star 馃専 gate - the Earth is flat and we move spiritually though mutiple 茙arth planes as we progress into higher light spectrums > there is a real universe out there but we don't have access to it as we are currently asleep, somewhere else > until we can see the Milky Way when we look up into our skies / we could be underground - kept in energetic poverty until we do the work to change our minds <~ plasticity/novelty (as Jesus said) - don't ye know ye are God鈥檚?!

It's time to wake now up - now, it's been a loooooong trip

We need you to stand with us in mass non-compliance

The Harvester Resistance


A11 H U M A N I T Y

> I don鈥檛 just mean resistance to dictatorships like those in Myanmar, the rule in Thailand, or even against the kind of authoritarianism that we see in China 鈥 I mean resistence to the Brave New World hive collectivism that you see in places like South Korea also

鈥 and now increasingly in Australia, and in parts of Europe and the USA;

Which are actually a form of advanced modernisation 鈥 it鈥檚 鈥減rogressive鈥, 鈥渓iberalised鈥 technological urbanisation catalysed and lubricated by collaboration of international organisations and their marketised alignment with corporations, the art world, the media and educations systems, big tech, banking cartels,

the pharmaceutical industrial complex, etc.

Don鈥檛 forget that there is a HELL of a lot of black money which is channeled into special access projects, where life-saving, life-changing and world-transforming reverse-engendered extraterrestrial tech is being developed deep underground - for a post-collapse breakaway civilisation after depopulation has occurred (Agenda 21 / Georgia Guidestones)

/ that international wars and terrorist networks are are funded by state powers, who funnel the largest proportion of their finances towards their militaries (crisis, domestic terror attacks, wars and foreign invasions are engineered from within the deep state) <~

Militaries hold the most financial power, in the end - along with royal families, banks and mega corporations, and through control of the economies (engineering dept - boom and bust cycles - quantitative easing - foreign invasions - engineered elections - A passively docile consumer & entertainment culture) - the international world system is actuated as a stack architecture > which feels heavy, and gravity bound - like solid matter

And don鈥檛 forget that the cyborgian integration process and the alignment problem in AI correlate with the agendas of certain extraterrestrial races / synthetically biological grey aliens who have no soul, tall white ET鈥檚 who manipulate wars, the economy and politics from behind the trans-national deep state curtain, and a luciferian cabal of power hungry paedophiles - through secret orders.


Jesus Christ (!)

Anarchy > NO GOD鈥檚, yet God > Spetrum

Culmination, Apple products

Take a bite


The left won鈥檛 recognise any of this (have you noticed !)- they already desire their subjugation and enslavement to globalism .

Stockholm syndrome

They protest police powers but don鈥檛 mind the pursuing of mask mandates, or vaccination on children, health passes, media censorship and narrative control - they want us tested and traced and treated like animal stock / Sethix (BioSec)

People who were researching the Illuminati back in the late 80鈥檚 basically came to the conclusion that there is a drive towards the creation of a totalitarian fascist/communist one world system ...

Where we鈥檇 all be chipped and controlled by a centralised global BioSecurity State - the reality is, we don鈥檛 need RFID chips implanted under our skin when we have smartphones, mass surveillance, IoT, algorithmic control through the media, gaslighting, tight gatekeeping in the institutions, coupled with a deeply embedded consensus >false< reality that propagates fear and propaganda via neurologinguistic re-programming, 鈥渇act-checking鈥, Overton windowing and narrative control (R-Complex / dopamine-hit > bot mimics) which insures subservience -

Anyone with half a brain has realised that The Cathedral is brainwashing people 鈥 the future is species bifurcation (Yaval Harrari echoes Di Garis鈥檚 thesis; 鈥渉umanity will split, not into different classes, but into different species鈥)

narratives multiply - spiritual warfare.

Apparently it's there to protect us all, did you hear?(!)