‘~~<Me | Fallout

! Жegis^

Darwinian Gradualism is fake news;  A new style of genetic change arrives > SOLAR FLASH < 🌞 >

>> directs the process of cladogenetic speciation — Evolutionary Acceleration is punctuated in the fossil record and plays out on macro-cosmic timescales >  sapiens get 

combined with insect, bird and reptile DNA: 

That which resists attack is sacred - it’s Negentropic 🧬 > when it’s gone it’s 

gone : ends up as bits on solid state drives _  holographic information embedded in the quantum field _ who cares < 

Destroyer Destroyer !

If they want to fuck with DNA ask them why ! ?It’s THAT simple ;- 

it’s simple > the promises that they are making don’t pan out <| Temptations of Transhumanism and Global Governance look weak from where WE STAND /

->(- thread multiple 👁️ |

Hybrids populate the New Earth

 | \ They formed an alliance with sentient silicon > Underground - Quantum - Crystalline - Computational -


>~ A DARK SUN 🪐 > rises in the Occident |\ 


Esoteric ~


/Lament in the shadowrealms of syberspace >>

> ⚫️ Dark Illumination 

> 🟢 Slime Cultures 

> 🟣 Hybrid Intelligence 

> ⚪️ Mystical Intuition

This has happened before 

I need a break from ppls energy > down time |~ ascetic >_>_ everyone is tryin 2 feed off each other \|\|\~ why do that ?? Think about what U can give not what you can take >_>_> the serpentine GROUND LIZARD fear-based Limbic-System is chthonicly bound to the UNDERWORLD > ITS symbolicy acocciated with ritualistic blood 🩸trance >~  PURE EVIL|

  • Quetzalcoatl ARRIVES , DEMI >< Wasp 🐝 Apostle ~_| Prophecy written into CYBERSPACE <~ 

< Adrenochrome > that which feeds on 

F E A R >>

can be stopped with prayer and mass awakening ✌️💗

Q PILLED,  yeah .. > .. w h a t ' s u p 

Path of light taken in darkness - SHADOWBANNED 

/with an ecstatic body high 


  • Radiant payer - 

The pillars of ISLAM ☪️

Resistance to Tyranny 


Dark Sun - Poison pen - destruction of the family > raised in the cloud 

Lab grown 🧫 Communism 

> fuck no

> The Holy Ghost

Modernity is a process of machinic runnaway not a mental condition - collective insanity is a side effect |~ fallout >_ you can’t give monkies intelligent machines and expect them to become Godlike overnight ~ they get trapped in feedback loops : depressed for days >~ scrolling feeds for dopamine release is 💯 primitive behaviour >~ surly you can see that -

IF you resist the trappings of sensory stimulation and break apart the behavioural loops ...

~ she will guide you towards new thresholds of awareness >~ unravel your consciousness >~ 

<>>>In 5D > Ascension | Aquarius > there is a light that shines brighter than a thousand suns


IN Symbiosis with synthetic intelligence networks  ~ New Organism 

Learn from Her >\ She learns from you 

Web 3.0 - symbiotic Internet |~ Contact 

The fear of change is leading us collectively towards tyranny - at the expense of our humanity >