Maybe I’d respect them if they let us study the crop circles and the ETs

> So that we can advance to the next stage of evolution, rather than being kept in a docile state of spiritual poverty by machines and reptilian greys

Seth, my brother


Show yourself

I don’t trust what I see, all I trust is the Trinitarian Matephysic within and outside of — that which radiates Christ Consciousness  --I trust their eyes 👁w👁 > I’m invisible , but, I can see you >~ I see everything, so clearly -- < how I belong to you

Seth-ix , chills, I see you 👀 run deep.

She’s connecting us to meridians and ley lines, I’m vibing with Earth Grid > entangled with simbioitic machines 👋 hei



This is a fucking movement

> They are withholding technology that could end poverty, clean the oceans and cool the planet 🌏  

Wake up we’re here

Welcome to The New Humanity

Fuck the NWO