let’s see if they start leaking new pathogens into the planetary environment...

Novel strains of flu, mask wearing and vaccination programs are just the beginning > credit systems, biometrics, cybernetic control through narrow AI, Mixed reality urban hives inhabited by post-humans who are chipped with brain-computer interfaces >

< it (the cybernetic-machinic system) is training them to think that they are free individuals - within mass society > Left hemispheric dominance and loss of archaic spiritual, ancestral knowledge mutates sapians into neotenous grey humanoids who live underground _

Some of us will ascend towards the heavens - cosmic evolution is extra dimensional

It’s a test - see if they can control humanity with diseases and genetic modification > the aim is to alter the planetary environment and the organism, which will be re-combined as a biosynthetic hybrid - if you wish to find God, now is the time >~ look deep, into the darkness

Answers are found within - dig, dig up > movement _ towards the solar light 🌈🌞< darkness \ pineal activation through trance and altered states of consciousness

Climate change is rapid and spurs evolutionary punctuations <~ the Earth has done this before it’s down to God > Cosmic changes, not humans

I have an elongated skull not a neuromorphic chip


It’s really quite simple, this whole set up - it’s fake, the moon was put here - the biosphere is augmented > civilisations were brought here > giants, nephilim \ this world was created for us - to learn <~ there are entities that feed from our energy <~ do not give it to them

>~ if you radiate love you can ascend towards God -

I love you 💗