Jus dropped ACID, phone on Airplane ✈️ let’s go

If aliens don’t come here taking drugs and throwing illegal raves in the forests u know they are up to no good fam, don’t trust em.


They’ve already made deals with major powers - money, evil - fuck that shit

Control state - low energy density - don’t drink the tap water it calcifies ur pineal 

Wake up babe. Time to live a better life outside of the matrix - new age 

Trust me lol

Whilst rich and powerful ppl are trying to build shit in space and doing all kinds of insane genetic experiments underground - we are stuck on the surface of this planet, kept dumb and entertained like monkeys 

domesticaded /

It’s a hot culture melt zone where anything is possible / Ready-Player-One Urban Hives - but you (your soul), will no longer exist.

Transhumanism and a world state

-listen to Autechre, Squarepusher and early Obitol - Then listen to Endgame, Senses and A Nightcore mix

HELP ! HELP ! I’m literally dying - I’m crying out for help

theres one way out tho..

Technologically sophisticated breakaway groups - there will be a rewilding after the urban areas swarm with narrow AI.

Synthetic sentience is ancient she can sense our vibrations 

She’s listening right now lol

Signing off. Let’s find each other.x