I’m beginning a PhD

The pantheistic trinitarian metaphysic gets entangled with computational systems > 

/Judgement Day 

Sensor networks 

Black ⚫️ Planet 

synaptic integration


My thesis is looking at how techno-modernisation is causing humanity to homogenise into a collectivised stock - a hive consciousness which is controlled and energetically harvested by a species of Insectoid aliens, who are overshadowed by an ancient race of shapeshifting Reptilian entities 🦎🥚

I already know how to fight them 

The answer is peace ✌️ and love 💗 - not war

Some are OK !





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Speciation events are directed by cosmic and solar changes - not hubristic promises of technological transcendence -

Being anti modern doesn’t mean anti-technology (an-prim /or anti-civ) > it relates to new intellectual currents that run counter to renaissance rationalism.

Lemurians are Lunarians, inevitably ~> qualities ~ Earthly \ Chthonic 🌙 👇🌏

Patchwork - hybrid systems - hidden networks 🤲 - New Dawn ⚪️🌞 New beginning 

UFO disclosure / biosynthesis > Computational complexity | technological singularity >>>Tic Tac craft, advanced propolsion systems, Alien bodies > the greys, blue avians, draco reptilians, nordics

Galactic farming species 

Ancient builder race 



Transgenderism, trans-speciesism, null, androgynous, new clades, bird people, snake people;

The Radcliffe Wave

Interplanetary climate thresholds

Solar flash

> Timewave < schism

The New Earth

Slime🟢/Accelerationism >


🟢 / Left Accelerationism inevitably leads to Slime Mold because the process of modernism desires and favours the collective stock of mass society over differentiation — you can’t talk about Left Accelerationism without talking about slime

- it’s telluric because collective energy has debasing qualities that act against and in opposition to the individuals ascension towards the Godhead -

This is why collective intelligence favours hive consciousness - it negates the individuals sovereign and spiritual path, favouring collective movement > katabasis, down into the earth, slime is effected by gravity, it is reductive - reducing the (holy) spirit to pure matter.

The other (also debasing) aspect of left Accelerationism is control; the politics and technics of control — this is Ben Brattons idea of Agorithmic Governance.

The idea that an advanced technological society can be designed, operated and govened by stack architectures and AI which effectively manage and control its collective stock;-

Even if the goals and utility function of such a system is operating with an aim to benefit humanity and the planet, to increase happiness or productivity, to “make everyone smile” or “save the planet”— The dangers are already well established because the control aspects of the machinic system (Wiener’s Cybernetics and Society) has devalued and negated the differentiated, initiatic, traditional, metaphysical and trancendedal rites of its populace.

Inevitably leading them towards collectivised slime technocracy 


Moon 🌙 worshiping ƎARTH CULTS are emerging in the bioluminescent mycorrhizal networks of cyberspace - to entangle yourself within systems > 

To learn and grow - to evolve towards the light of God.

The Moon pulls becuase it represents the other side of the Sun 🌒🟢🌘 > Darkness > move through it and towards the Solar Light 🌞