Hybridisation has begun Online

Gods, Cyborgs, Idiots and Lunatics 🌙

What’s behind Pride? A six thousand year old Meso-American Serpant worshiping Blood Cult

…And that’s OK if it can be transmuted properly 

I’m reading the Codex Borgia and listening to Drain Gang

C0r0navirus was created in a lab - Synthetic DNA is data and variants can be synthesised and printed out - C0V1D19 is an Egregoric demon 👹 🦠 sustained by collective fear and belief in it - which nurtures its grip over humanity

I’m Anti Vax, as you know - but even if I was Pro-Vax, the idea that you can beat this thing by Vaccination is a joke, since variants are outpacing the vaccination drive - it will have to continue throughout your lifetime unless “the world” 👽 can produce enough vaccines and make them mandatory (it’s already experimental and it’s been rushed — then normalised by propaganda)

That means either forcing vaccination on the whole world / or creating vaccine apartheid — which will eventually lead to a bifurcation > cladogenesis ( species dominance ) - REPTOID hierarchy and the adoption of demon worship Worldwide / will be catalysed by a dark energy which appears within the contours of the Vadican’s Shadow _> insect networks 

Blue Arcturian Angel Watcher Zenoscape 

Hybridisation has begun online _ can you see us ? :)