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🔥 I’m personally grappling with many things right now;- as in, I have realised some things about myself, I know this might sound egotistical but I am one of Gods Messengers Of The Light lol, at least that’s how I feel inside — but becuase we are in this satanic adversarial Kali Yuga End Times as we approach the singularity —

The inverted world creates the need for a kind of demonism - and by that I mean angel messenger demons — and this energy, being dark, and demonic, yet working on behalf of God, bringing light through darkness - that’s the energy which I’m channeling. 

I’m sorry if I have upset anyone during this transformation - I have really sharp cainine teeth and I always felt like I brought out demonic/ trickster energy, especially ever since I first tried shrooms 

Recently, after a profound mystical awakening, I felt lost, I didn’t know what to do with myself next so I decided that I should join a secret order, becuase I wanted acesss to the secret esoteric knowledge - and then I realise that secret orders are bullshit (also probably luciferian/communist)

Because everything which we need is already right here inside us - through the trinity, the Christ Consciousness — we have the power to become God, and realise our true selves.

We can bypass initiation, attachment, and reliance on egregores by connecting with the trinity within…

And sometimes we get led astray, we change our minds or we evoke parts of ourselves which are not the whole. There is no need for us to keep hold of parts of ourselves that we no longer identify with.

We can shed these, like unwanted skin

So that we can quite quickly let go of things that we no longer want, this includes parts of ourselves or things that we had previously said or done — forgiveness, remember

We are constant, unfolding change - an event in space and time - transformation of the self 

Our residues are like serial experiments which we conduct on the social and environmental landscape becuase we want to gamify and augment the cybertime crisis —

So when I say “I identify with the esoteric right” - I’m only half joking 

I also identify with the insurrectionary, post-civilisation left, and id like try and learn about that —

I am fascinated by the right, but I am open to the politics of a new post-collapse left, that is, if these politics operate outside of modernism, or the matrix control system - and outside of tyranny 

... let’s say, if it is possible to experience society, or culture after the collapse of the New World Order —

If we can connect with our ancestral, cosmic origins — then we can begin to talk to the celestial serpent and ask what she wants

But ultimately, we must all choose our own path into the future, and many of us must take this journey alone, in darkness - if we bring the light, we can shine brighter than all of the suns in the galaxy 

And God will see our courage, the Holy Ghost 👻 possesses our organism and waves of change are carried throughout the infofabric of the KattaMesh 

In-reverse order, so that consciousness is unraveled through mantric utterances that resonate in The New Dawn


Change has arrived — we are the light, and we will vandalise the machinery of tyranny, or it will forever be our undoing .


[ I got c0vid, I could sense it inside me (the virus). I could feel it’s power and it’s energy - it feels like the future, like megacities, it feels like an attack ~ biosynthetic flu…

I beat it by sungazing, dancing, staying positive...

The virus and the biotechnology is changing our DNA 🧬 - this is it, the war is on, we all have to be careful - but we have to be prepared to fight and resist this, to not give into fear, to control, to promises and temptations ]

Judgment has begun 

We mustn’t give in to their fear and control

The Health Passes/Vaccine Passports will create apartheid which will cause the species to split (>)

I stand with all people of Earth, with all races and expressions of humanity, it’s cultures, and it’s belief systems, against tyranny and control - I stand with the unvaccinated and the untouchables, (we are the 99%) for humanity as a whole

We mustn't see each other as biological threats, or as walking virus factories -

loving, radiating vortical energy which comes from our solar plex is far more powerful than a virus - which is really just a wave/frequency 

I may not like authoritarianism and being told what to do - but there is so more at stake than this, it concerns the holy ghost -- this is the foundation of my philosophy, rather than tradition or reactionary politics --

Love 💗, rythem, Kali demonism ☸️ <~🔥🙏😂

/this is a message to people of the Earth - stand up against tyranny and control

it is concerned with directing movement;- rhythms, flows and navigating unconditionally accelerated change

freedom, love, movement, and unfolding is the foundation of consciousness realizing itself in the universe

We are all one 

X 🫀🔥 🤲 X