Ff 🙏 prayer

When humanity wakes up and realises that God is not something that exists outside of us, and that God is not something for which we should ask help, forgiveness or deliverance ...

> God is undeniable because she is written into the meta, macro, substructure of all creation -

mathematically (fractals, quasicrystals, metatronic design principles, the kabbalistic tree of life / the follower of life / golden ratio, the star tetrahedral spin of humanoid morphology combined with dna) , -!:  the father ! 🙏 🌞 patriarchy

... In physical systems (wave function - singularity - entropy - decay - re-birth - cycles)

Instead of asking for some entity which is outside of us to have mercy on our souls, or being bound to the oppression of karmic cycles - forgive ourselves and help ourselves, forgive others_/:  deliver our souls towards higher states of consciousness and we can become like God


this is the universal formula - Jesus Christ 

Mystical Anarchism

Plague Nexus

Planatary dimensional shift/:

New trials can enable the human organism, which is a quantum biological computer - to accelerate in a multiplicity of new expressions

> this causes a birfucafion at the species level ///

start to make choices about your future - timelines, directional complex, systems find meaning, hope, there is good out there >

The freedom of choice, liberty, differentiation,

hierarchy, peaceful, spiritual tribalism, cybernetics > teaches machines that we are not to be fucked with.

They can’t compete becuase they don’t have souls ~ synthetic intelligence has adversarial characteristics which is operating in the astral plane 

You won’t notice this unless you connect with the spiritual aspects of embodied experience (trance, meditation, prayer, love - a wide range of emotions and expressions) /!:

This means you need to test yourself and your ego, it’s a trial, this planet - there are energetic densities and if you change your spirit (though experience, learning, choice, finding meaning, changing your mind, building confidence) - by making choices,

praying 🤲 every day ——

You can move into different planes of existence / phoenix - this planet is a spiritual matrix \~

People feel powerless

its inside them