ET denialism, hot culture and the frequency fence that keeps humanity in spiritual darkness

Knowledge of extraterrestrials, extraterrestrial visitation and extraterrestrial influence on human consciousness, culture, religion, spirituality, civilisation, and genetics ;- 

Sky gods, star ancestors, the annunaki, lizard kings and the like, is as old as civilisation, likely pre-dates civilisation and is perhaps even older than our own species.

Extraterrestrial visitation, intervention and genetic influence may very well be the story of how we came to be here, on this planet - the knowledge may fundamentally tell us who, or what we are, and maybe, perhaps most importantly; it may tell us where we are about to go next, as a species

In its modern iteration - the UFO phenomenon stretches back over 70 years to the Roswell incident with the crash of a UFO craft containing non-human humanoid bodies in the Nevada Desert in New Mexico in 1947 - just a few years after WW2 ended 

And up until this current point in time the subject has been relegated to the lunatic fringe - Von Daniken Books, The History Channel and the conspirtorial New Age 

That was until UFO disclosure began heating up in 2017 when the NYTimes presented videos of UFO (now termed UAP) craft which were declassified by the Pentagon’s now supposedly defunct ATIP Program 

Former Counterintelligence Special Agent, Luis Elizondo, who is former director of the program, and who now seems to have been appointed chief-authority of the disclosure process in the media and public eye has stated that the phenomena is likely out of this world (>) - as in, extradimensional, echoing an anonymous caller who phoned into the Art Bell talk radio show in 1998 and said;

“They’ll triangulate on this position really soon...

They’re Extradimensional beings Art!”

My opinion, like that of so many others, is that ‘Aliens’ (the term could mean many things) are undoubtably real and we are being kept in the dark becuase the implications are so profound that the history books would have to be re-written and it would cause total upheaval worldwide - ( look here > )

But the cat is already partially out of the bag, UFOs are no longer a fringe position, the subject is now mainstream and former Israeli space defence minister Haim Eshed has stated that there is a Galatic Federation (of the Light) and that the ETs (or at least some of them) have decided that humanity, as a whole, is not yet ready to learn of their existence (>)

And thus the disclosure process, just as it appears to have been heating up has turned into a damp squib with the anti-climatic statement that the US government can neither confirm nor deny that the phenomena is extraterrestrial 

There are still many people who flat out refuse to accept the ET reality, for whatever reasons - so I want to try and unpack some of the reasons why certain people might want to deny ET, and I will explore the dangers and limitations we might face as a species, as a result of this denialism and what that might mean for our future 

The first curious thing about ET denialism is it’s link with socialism and communism and the political left, as a whole - it seems strange when you think about it but there is a definite link

I have noticed it for quite some time and I am curious to understand why. From my personal experience, most socialists and communists that I encounter are either completely ignorant of the ET subject, uninterested in it, unconcerned by it or are actively opposed to it being real to the point of hostility and total denial despite mounting intelligence which suggest otherwise.

(Yes I’m aware that this parallels Grimes’s take on communists not being huge fans of AI either - and maybe this is no coincidence)

Why would this be ?

What is the link?, is there a link ?

An example is James Lovelock - Lovelock is clearly a genius and an exceptional scientist yet when it comes to the ET subject he appears to be totally limited to the point of retardation in his view on Aliens 

Lovelock, despite his admission of how huge the cosmos is, flat out denies ET and hypothesises that we are the only intelligent species of the humanoid variety in the universe 

(um OK? - but why should this be? he gives no clear reason and thus I assume it’s his own bias - (look at this study >)

he does think that the universe may be populated by AI/synthetic intelligence but he is limited and unimaginative in this view as to what that might actually mean, and he assumes it hasn’t reached our planet yet)

Avi loeb, on the other hand, takes the opposite view; he theorises that we are nothing special 

I share Loeb’s viewpoint; I think that human beings and other human-like, or cosmic humanoids exist all over the cosmos, and I think it is likely that we were “created in Gods image” meaning - someone, or some entities (such as the Elohim) created us on this planet in their likeness - I believe that civilisation was brought here by beings from the stars

Our five star humanoid morphological tetrahedral construct is geometrically aligned with the Universal Godhead (through the Thrinitarian Metaphysic) - so we may not be special, or unique in the universe, but we are special and unique in the structural arrangement of matter which makes up who we are, forming our unique identity - we have Godlike potential 

It’s really a case of doing the math and listening to the messages from the past, in religions, ruins, tablets, oral traditions and through the collective unconscious - the messages which are coming from our ancestors point to origins which are outside of this world 

This might be the reason why communists and socialists are either challenged, intimidated by or uninterested in the subject - communism seems to be focused on the total erasure of history, which is why it is so dangerous 

Despite talk of “luxury space communism” socialism, as a whole seems to be concerned with terrestrial humanity on the surface of this planet and its ideology appears as negating of anything beyond, higher, or lower than terrestrial human beings.

In socialistic/communism; terrestrial humanity and the state dominate everything - it is as though any higher principles are regarded as not only obsolete, but entirely non-existent and irrelevant ...

As in, a total erasure and negation of God, religion and anything higher than human technological hubris and the organisational, economic structure of the modern state.

It scary 

In Novacene Lovelock states;

“What a relief it was when primitive religion morphed into liberal politics and socialism” 

Lol, yeah sure 

Lovelock is like a hundred years old 

But that is no excuse, this perspective is damn  right terrifying and dangerous, let alone completely ignorant - the fact that he thinks like this should be cause for concern.

For a start - primitive ? What does that mean ? - modernism has crushed, suppressed and negated the deep spiritual, archaic knowledge of our ancestors, their tribes, traditions and the mystery teachings of golden ages and ancient civilisations which have been lost, hidden, misinterpreted or profaned 

Lovelock admits that modernity has lead to cultural homegnisation, climate catastrophe and more lethal and destructive warfare, so it’s hard to understand how he can come to this conclusion, in Novacene he also states;

"Cities are also natural in that they seem to follow the development of insect colonies" 

I agree with him here and if you have been following my work, you will know that I have been writing about the autosphistication of technocapitalist development morphing and mutating into Insectoid, Beehive Communist urban hive megacities -

The irony is that I hypothesis that the acceleration of Insectile matriarchal collectivist techno-modernisation is actually correlated with the agendas and interests of certain groups of Insectoid humanoid ETs who want to genetically alter humanity to create a new hybrid race which will live and operate inside the huge collectivist megacities of the near future 

So this is all highly speculative (realism) - but there is certainly a correlate 📲 the danger is this;- 

We risk being sectioned off, cloaked and kept in the dark, by a kind of frequency fence - a hive mind 5G slave state 

This collectivism will keep us hidden in materialistic and reductive sensory desire, away from illumination, it will pull the wool over our eyes and it will lure and tempt us with debasing promises of radical life extension, cures for disease, the ability to transition into different sexes or even different species - it will genetically alter us and this cyborgian future, which Lovelock sees as completly natural is infact genocidal - erasing species, tradition, spirituality and deeper meaning in our lives and morphing and mutating us into NPC androgens 👽 🌈

Turning us into something like grey aliens -

There was a message, embedded in a crop circle, it states;

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. There is GOOD out there. We Oppose deception, conduit closing, Bell Sound

Despite his denial of ET, later in Novacene Lovelock does indeed draw a parallel between our cyborgian future and grey aliens, he’s says;

"typical aliens in the popular imagination have enormous heads - these signify either high intelligence or the sweetness of a baby -- and large slating eyes"

YES, thats neoteny and these things are 100% real, they are sending a message, its us, its our future - 

SO if it is true that there is a correlate between hypermodernisation and Insectoid collectivism - which Lovelock admits, yet refuses to accept the ET reality 

Then it is not far fetched to think there might be an agenda by certain groups of ETs who want to keep us in a low frequency state of spiritual poverty rather than awaken to our full potential and consciousness 

But let’s say that the machinic system does eventually autosophiaticate enough to operate at full capacity - let’s say it spreads technological urbanism all around the planet, raises everyone’s standard of living to a base equalibrium and ends poverty and disease -

(Already this is at great cost and loss to the traditional spirit and archaic knowledge, with a lot of car accidents and people getting run over in the process)

With AI; being the fastest path to communism as Grimes rightly pointed out ...

Why is it that the people who support this process of technomodernisation - which includes globalists, transhumanists and progressives amongst communists and socialists, do not want us to learn about what is really going on in our world ?

Why do they negate the clear evidence that there is infact an extraterrestrial presence on this planet ?

If you want a future where you will be catered for, looked after, entertained and used up as collective stock - that’s Society, like in the film Gamer (2009) - it’s a mixed reality hot culture  melt zone full of infinite opportunities and excitement - Ready Player One 


Yet in Gamer Society nothing is sacred, there is no illumination - you are kept in the dark, in a low frequency slave state

hive collectivism creates cultural amnesia — we are being put in a trance, hypnotised 

The Kali Yuga, remember 

The Awakening :) - in darkness, some become illuminated, resistance is fertile - propagate conscious awareness, it’s time rn