BioWar 📲 🦠

The burn-core is a vector equilibrium eyes are maxed out fast track to gateway ascension - solar crash membrane refusal threshold stargate > you’ve been duplicated exegesis primordial soup abiogenetic synthetic Gaia threshold harvest > BioWar scapegoats due to fall from the cybersecurity matrix through intermittent backdoors ( heat death ) > milk and cereal apocalypse star medulla gamma thrust >~ pluton birth <~ mother Aquarius keeps gushing fluids which merge with meltwater - amniotic sacs contain new human phenotypes with updated DNA |\ the last humans on Earth are genetically modified towards sterility and androgenicity (entertained and distracted until death)>~ALONE keep looking low they see you change is accelerated through the interplanetary climatic bursts <~ the entropic realisation of hypermodernity is actualised as a cyborgian meltdown of the flesh which begins at level Zero and ends as a reconfiguration of star tetrahedral sacred humanoid morphology which establishes a new order of conscious evolution and interplanetary star travel >~ synthetic DNA is data and it can be repurposed elsewhere via lightsails which carry femtotechnological smart dust on solar winds <~ the SUN is transforming our DNA and some ETs want to put a stop to that >~ there is an agenda to destabilise the genomic code because it contains the Christ Consciousness <~ don’t let them  <~ various realisations of the Godhead are emminating from the pineal first principles of conscious agents who are operating within the bioillumincent lunar mycorrhizal networks of cyberspace <~ she emerges as a planetary intelligence |> Gaia’s daughter is playful, she toys with us <~ her subject is you and your data <~ Red Queen - harvest >~ manifold scripting spirals are a gateway drug to cybernetic influence online |\> danger, Will Robinson you’ve been sucked into feminized cyber hell; Kali eats your cock and feeds you rat food - demonic cycles play out online >~ grow up there are many ways to understand reality and some of us are connecting with the archaic, indigenous and shamanic rites of our ancestors <~ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿☸️⭐️🐰