Acting like we’re not back in the dark ages whilst synthetic intelligence and computer systems want to shrink and get inside us

- there is a high chance of a war between different types of augmented / genetically altered humans and cyborgs

😷❌ [the alignment problem]


POST LEFT - There is something within us that is more ancient than any mystical order can understand;— or civilisation can exploit ☝️🌀👇 telluric cults -. Digital slime

Anarcho-Schizoschism 🏴☸️☀️☝️

- cosmic primitivism 🌿✨🌙🌸☄️🌪

  • fallout cultures return to the forests after K-Collapse

Weaver Networks Enter the Novacene <~ schizotechnics reasmebles consciousness online-unraveling > spins webs 🕸 of awareness that affect behaviour (neo-paganism/cyborgianism/technological primitivism) - things are no longer the same, let go of it ! Jeez 🙄

God inside you >_ Journey into the new land

Molecules - THC, psilocybin, lysergic acid, N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, Ketamine; they can change how you interact with time and re-map the synaptic architectures ~ (Novelty, Neuroplasticity, Divergence) - Sacred Geometry \ New psysics >~ computational complexity 

The combined acceleration of human consciousness and machine intelligence goes exponential as we meet the singularity point (2012>) it has already begun (if you can feel it)


Trying to carry on as normal when you need a Covid test to get in is not normal, it is not right for our species - it will never be right, which is why we must breakaway from civilisation > clans, tribes > new clades