— vibrate with the new frequency X-Risk

There is a New World Order;

it’s pretty simple,

if you want to go along with all of the controls - then you’re part of it. If you don’t 🌞 ~> you are with us, the breakaway alliance.

They who think alien watchers don’t listen to prayers — signals sent into outer space are blocked | > the global frequency fence has back doors - get though those and you’ll find that the real universe is teaming with life, most of it is harmless — however, the danger is the serpent manifest / cosmic trickster - she favours humans whole, digested, with slow liquid ferment, enzyme enhancers,

wheel of chaos,

ascension >  Katta-Pulp

Social Breakdown

Freedom of Choice

We’re on the War path

‪If you think that the state should have power over the free choice of the individual, over families, and over their children — you’re supporting fascism /

misery communism.


Lab grown deepfake, World State ...

They pushed the Reset button but y’all didn’t come back online,

Mystical Anarchists, those who reject all authority, other than that which comes from the divine source;

- deafeat the Morlocks -

spin my friends, spin from every atom — ripples in the wave function ;

changes in consciousness; flow and dance, through the space-time fabric

/:: ✋👁👅👁🤚

Godhead ~ is never is exposed in a computational multiverse - her eye is closed my father is imprinted on to the morphology of man -

Trifold Christhead

Digital Jenga - Towers Fell.

Haunted Networks >~

R-Complex gets blacked out - Wave Harmonics

— vibrate with the new frequency X-Risk - *Entering the Dark Satellite*

😌😂👋 hi, i see u -

we come in peace ☮️ ✌️